Denim Brand Diesel Launches Fashion NFT Collection On Rarible

Faux fur and puffer jackets, as well as leather bracelets and a new sneaker, are all part of the NFT collection.
Diesel NFT Collection On Rarible

Italian clothing brand Diesel is venturing into the metaverse with the release of its “D:VERSE” NFT collection.

In Brief:

  • D:VERSE NFTs are launching on Rarible on 12th March that is inspired by the Fall/Winter runway show.
  • Perks of owning the NFT include discounted NFT pre-sales, raffles, airdrops, and metaverse wearables & upcoming projects.
  • It will offer limited NFT editions of runway pieces to be purchased along with actual clothes.

The Italian retail clothing company Diesel founded by entrepreneur Renzo Rosso is launching D:Verse, a platform dedicated to Diesel and NFT enthusiasts on the digital auction house Rarible marketplace on March 12th for 55 hours.

Diesel, which describes itself as a community-driven space, will use its Discord channel to allow fans with digital assets to interact with one another.

Looking to start with items straight from the fall 2022 show, it will provide limited-run NFT editions of runway pieces to be purchased alongside actual clothes.

Members of the D:VERSE community will get access to discounted NFT pre-sales, raffles, airdrops, and metaverse wearables, as well as sneak peeks at new products from the brand.

A denim faux fur and puffer jacket special edition, the Prototype CR sneaker (which was previously launched as an NFT design), and a leather bracelet are among the D: VERSE NFT’s first offerings.

Users that sign up for the D:VERSE’s whitelist will have access to a pre-sale window for the first NFT drop. The NFTs will accept both regular fiat currency and crypto as payment.

Several brands are drawing inspiration from the NFT world to create their own metaverse-friendly clothes. Like, the premium fashion tyrant Gucci had acquired virtual land for an undisclosed amount in The Sandbox platform to develop its own metaverse platform, inspired from the Gucci Vault.

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