Crypto Influencer Ben Armstrong Is Out Of Jail On Bail

Ben Armstrong, formerly known as BitBoy Crypto, was apprehended while conducting a live YouTube broadcast on Monday night.
Crypto Influencer Ben Armstrong is out of Prison

Ben Armstrong, a crypto influencer, has been released from jail and is active on Twitter after being detained late on Monday following what appeared to be a confrontation with his former business partner.

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Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Department’s history

As per a record of the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Department, Benjamin Charles Armstrong was detained for “loitering/prowling” and “simple assault by inflicting fear upon another” and posted a $2,600 bond.

Ben Armstrong, formerly known as BitBoy Crypto, was imprisoned on Monday night while conducting a live stream. After being released from jail, Ben posted on Twitter, saying, “My name is Ben and I’m a loiterer. I did 8 whole hours in the slammer.”

Armstrong was reportedly traveling with his girlfriend Cassie, and had a gun in the backseat of his car, according to a live-stream clip on X. 

After his release from jail, Ben revealed that he is suffering from PTSD because of what TJ has done to him. He is angry for everything, from TJ’s treachery, his company getting stolen, and his Lamborghini being extorted. And after that, he shared what he would do moving forward.
BEN tokens that Armstrong floated earlier this year saw a 20% decline in value as word of the arrest spread early on Tuesday.

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