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Ethereum has evolved the cryptocurrency and blockchain concept beyond transferring money between entities. Its aggressive growth in recent years has even surpassed Bitcoin in many aspects. It isn’t easy to beat the largest cryptocurrency by market cap and to understand why you should be neck-deep in trending Ethereum news.

The hottest crypto platform, Ethereum, emerged as a foundational part of DeFi apps. Moreover, the adoption and use cases of the Ethereum blockchain, which has advanced smart contract functionality, make it superior to all other blockchains. 

While there are numerous NFT projects and scaling solutions that run on Ethereum, it at the same time gives maximum exposure to the potential crypto market in every possible way.

In the face of the already successful Ethereum blockchain, it will soon introduce Ethereum 2.0, which is expected to outcast the remaining competitors as well. If this doesn’t ring a bell in your head, you must navigate through the latest Ethereum news.