Buenos Aires To Issue Blockchain Based Digital ID For Citizens

Argentina’s capital will utilize zkSync Era’s blockchain infrastructure to enable its 2.5 million citizens to have digital IDs.
Buenos Aires To Issue Blockchain Based Digital ID For Citizens

The capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, is incorporating blockchain technology in its latest public application to issue digital IDs. 

Citizens of Buenos Aires will be able to access their identity documents through QuarkID, a digital wallet that uses zkSync Era’s blockchain infrastructure. The first documents to be available include birth certificates, marriage certificates, income proofs, and academic verifications.

According to the announcement from zkSync Era, citizens in Buenos Aires will be able to download a self-sovereign QuarkID wallet to claim documents starting in October. 

zkSync Era is a layer 2 network that utilizes zero-knowledge rollups. Its highly efficient blockchain network will enable a seamless solution to upload and download documents in a secure manner.

The announcement further states that data stored in QuarkID wallets will be self-sovereign while allowing citizens to manage the delivery of their credentials when interacting with administrative services.  

Documents, including proof of income and academic verification, will be available to obtain in QuarkID wallets by November, while the government will launch further plans at the end of 2023 to enable over 2.5 million citizens to use this service.

The Secretary of Innovation of Buenos Aires, Diego Fernandez, said that “With this development, Buenos Aires becomes the first city in Latin America, and one of the first in the world, to integrate and promote this new technology and set the standard for how other countries in the region should use blockchain technology for the benefit of their people.”

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