Blur Jumps Nearly 30% Within Days While OpenSea Layoffs

Blur token has skyrocketed as the NFT marketplace grows wider.
Blur Jumps Nearly 30% Within Days While OpenSea Layoffs

NFT Marketplace Blur’s native token, BLUR, has soared over 30% during the past couple of days as its competitor OpenSea announced a major layoff.

Blur’s native token price has surged more than 20% in the past 24 hours, continuing the bullish sentiment since last week. The OpenSea announcement further fueled the already skyrocketing price amid speculation that Blur could potentially become a new leader in the NFT ecosystem.

According to data from Coinmarketcap, Blur is up nearly 53% in the past seven days while showing a gain of over 110% in the past month.

 Blur Price (7 Days) – Coinmarketcap
 Blur Price (7 Days) – Coinmarketcap

OpenSea recently announced a 50% cut in its staff in order to streamline its 2.0 vision. Being one of the earliest NFT markets, OpenSea dominated the NFT scene for the past couple of years before the emergence of a new generation of marketplaces that serve a wide scope of users.

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