Bitboy Ben Armstrong Sues Former Hit Network Colleagues

Bitboy’s Lawsuit Exposes $1M Monthly Revenue Dispute.
Bitboy Ben Armstrong Sues Former Hit Network Colleagues

Popular crypto influencer Ben Armstrong, known as “Bitboy” on YouTube, has filed a lawsuit against his former colleagues at the Hit Network media company. He claims they unfairly ousted him from the company he founded in 2018. 

Ben Armstrong has initiated a legal action in Georgia against Timothy “TJ” Shedd Jr., the CEO of Hit Network, as well as Timothy Shedd Sr., TJ’s father. The lawsuit also includes corporate entities BJ Investment Holdings (BJIH) as co-plaintiffs alongside Armstrong and TJSJ Holdings as defendants alongside the Shedds.

Originally, the lawsuit was filed on August 30, but was retracted later. However, Armstrong refiled the lawsuit on September 12.

Armstrong asserts he still owns the majority of the company and accuses his former colleagues of attempting to take it from him, locking him out of his accounts, and misusing company funds. 

The lawsuit also mentions fraud and reveals the company makes around $1 million monthly in advertising revenue. Armstrong seeks damages, control of the company, and access to its financial records.

His former colleagues countered with allegations of physical assault and workplace drug use, which Armstrong denies. Despite the legal battle, they’ve renamed the YouTube channel, sparking discussions and support from his fans. 

The legal battle between Bitboy and his former colleagues highlights a contentious dispute over control and alleged misconduct, stirring strong reactions from his supporters.

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