Binance Integrates Maverick Protocol’s MAV Token On zkSync Era

Users are now able to deposit and withdraw MAV token on zkSync Era from Binance exchange.
Binance Integrates Maverick Protocols MAV Token on zkSync Era

The largest crypto exchange, Binance, has integrated the Maverick protocol’s native token MAV on the zkSync Era network. 

Binance exchange announced that it will now enable traders to deposit and withdraw MAV token using zkSync Era network. MAV is the native token of Maverick which is used for staking, voting and other ecosystem uses.

The exchange said that the MAV token deposit will take up to 24 hours to be credited into Binance user wallets due to zkSync Era’s finality. 

The process of sending transactions on zkSync Era involves the L1 smart contract updating the L2 state, which takes nearly 24 hours. 

Transaction Finality – zkSync Era Documentation

Maverick Protocol is an automated market maker (AMM) that maximizes capital efficiency by using a dynamic mechanism that automates concentration of liquidity as asset’s price moves.

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