Big Head Club CEO Reveals Jim Carrey’s Secret NFT Collection

The ‘Germination’ collection presents Carrey’s views of society’s perception of fame, art and value.
Big Head Club CEO Reveals Jim Carrey’s Secret NFT Collection

Veteran Hollywood actor Jim Carrey had dropped his first NFT collection called ‘Germinations’ under the alias String Bean, revealed Mack Flavelle, the CEO of Big Head Club.

The collection dropped on May 9, 2022 on the Foundation. “It is time for the world to know that Jim Carrey is String Bean. And he is excited about that” said Flavelle.

Big Head Club worked with Carrey to mint this collection which features five autobiographical art pieces. Each piece has 30 seconds to 1-minute audio attached narrated by Jim Carrey as he enacts each character with a unique charm.

The collection presents Carrey’s views of society’s perception of fame, art and value. It also showcases Carrey’s abilities as an actor and an artist.

Flavelle revealed that the collection was released under an alias as they wanted to see how the community reacts to a sudden no-name project promoted by Big Head Club on Foundation.

It was important for Carrey that people recognize his artistic abilities and not just his fame.

“If nobody knew it was Jim Carrey but nobody saw the art, that wouldn’t be a cool story,” he said.

Flavelle explains in an interview, “You’re literally looking at Jim Carrey’s face. You’re hearing Jim Carrey narrate [these paintings]. And you don’t know that it’s Jim Carrey. That was part of the play. And it worked.”

Flavelle also elaborates on the visuals and audio in the NFTs, revealing that the audios are actually “voices inside his [Carrey’s] head”. He describes that NFTs as “they’re just isms of him.”

On the experience of working with Carrey, Flavelle says that he is talented in painting things from his mind but he isn’t familiar with animation in painting, and this is where the Big Head Club assisted him.

Initially, Carrey and the studio wanted to keep the secret for a few years but eventually thought it was time to reveal the real identity of String Bean to the world.

Flavelle also mentions that String Bean and the Big Head Club have more projects coming up. “I think the acid of reality has dissolved that which is Jim Carrey, the artist, and what remains is String Bean” he said. “That need to create is deep inside him.”

The String Bean also revealed himself as Jim Carrey with an official statement introducing himself as “Jim Eugene Carrey” and explaining the alias by sharing that his childhood nickname was “Jimmy-Gene The String Bean” because of “long thin and abnormally flexible physique.”

He further says, “People try to define and differentiate each other in many ways, some endearing and some not so [endearing] — but we aren’t separate. Every character we meet is a different side of the same precious diamond. I try to find all those characters inside me.”

“Someday, I may release the vocal and facial character study videos this group of NFTs are based upon. I enjoy using original methods that don’t have a clear category yet…for better or worse.”

The floor price of the Germinations collection is unknown as of now, however the highest sale from the collection was 0.55 ETH for ‘The Bottles that Empty Me’ .

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