Ben Armstrong Loses Most of the Crypto

BitBoy Crypto’s rebranding was necessitated, and the channel is now considered “Discover Crypto.”
Ben Armstrong Loses Most of the Crypto

Ben Armstrong, former founder of BitBoy Crypto, claims that he lost most of his crypto and assets as they fell under his company name, and that company has been taken from him, as per his latest video on YouTube. 

In the video, he considers that he is no longer BitBoy but only Ben Armstrong. He also stated that he will start a new journey, “Ben Armstrong, Ben Nation, if you want to know about crypto, this is the place to come; it’s going to be a solo show.”

He will start from scratch, not because he is passionate about crypto and has knowledge of crypto. He also says, “There’s going to be a much different channel we’re not going to attack people we’re not going to go at people.”

Armstrong has lost most of his crypto, citing that “my crypto is Corporate crypto,” and also mentioned that he lost everything, like his Lamborghini, which was from the company. 

The team knew that Ben Armstrong’s departure would have an impact on the channel, which is why BitBoy Crypto had to change its name. After his departure, the channel name has been changed to “Discover Crypto.” 

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