Azuki’s Bobu NFT to Join Space Mission With SpaceX And NASA

Bobu, the Bean Farmer, NFT will join the Crew-4 mission to the International Space Station via hardware wallet Ledger.
Azuki’s Bobu NFT to Join Space Mission With SpaceX And NASA

The fastest-growing Azuki NFT collection is going to become a witness to the historical moment between the intersection of the digital and the real world. Azuki’s NFT ‘Bobu the Bean Farmer’ is going to join the outer space mission ‘Crew-4’ to the International Space Station with top-notch space agencies SpaceX and NASA on April 23.

The NFT will be sent via a private key stored inside the crypto hardware wallet Ledger. After this mission, Bobu will become the first NFT to travel to space.  

To celebrate this historical achievement, the NFT collection will also giveaway 1 BEANZ and 1 Bobu NFT will be given away to one lucky winner. People who wish to grab this opportunity must have to like, retweet, and tag friends as well as they will have to wish the wish for a safe journey to Bobu in the comment section. 

Azuki will send 2,000 Bobu tokens to space for 31 days, a governance token that controls the development of Bobu’s decentralized Intellectual Property rights.

Furthermore, Azuki has also partnered with a student research organization from Grand Canyon University named ‘STELLAR’ for this mission. The student group will be “researching energy output and electrical characteristics of a Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC) run in a microgravity environment”.

Also, to raise donations for this group to support their humanitarian and microbial fuel cell research, Azuki announced that the voting will start on April 14 at 1 PM PST and will end on April 20.

In this voting, Bobu token holders will decide the donation amount between 2 ETH to 8 ETH from the Bobu treasury.  

The Azuki NFT collection becomes more and more famous with each passing day. The reason behind its growing popularity is its partnership with different sectors. Recently, the Azuki collection revealed a partnership with the Korean hip-hop music group Epik High to create visual art for their upcoming Coachella performance.  

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