Animoca Brands launches the first Bitcoin metaverse ecosystem token

Strategic engagement with Horizen Labs will help Darewise Entertainment realize its vision of launching the metaverse token for Bitcoin.
Animoca Subsidiary to Launch First Metaverse Ecosystem Token

A subsidiary of Animoca Brands and the creative mind behind the Life Beyond Gaming Metaverse, Darewise Entertainment, revealed a strategic engagement with Horizen Labs for the provision of technical tokens, development, and consulting services.

Darewise Entertainment’s objective is to launch the first-ever metaverse token for the Bitcoin ecosystem by utilizing the BRC-20 standard and the Ordinals protocol. Horizen Labs will help it realize its vision. In the past, Horizen Labs has given smart contract and token strategy advice for the launch of ApeCoin.  

Darewise Entertainment’s upcoming BRC-20 token will be the first of its kind to power a complete ecosystem for gaming, brands, and IRL experiences. The first gaming ecosystem, Life Beyond will be the first gaming metaverse to use the token for in-game assets, virtual lands, and more.  

Yat Siu, the co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands, says, “With the advent of the Ordinals protocol, we’re witnessing a pivotal moment for Bitcoin as it extends its reach and introduces the concept of culture.”

For the revolution of decentralization, Horizen Labs is committed to developing a more secure and equitable digital world. “We are beyond thrilled to be working with Darewise Entertainment and Animoca Brands on this project.” says the company’s CEO, Robert Viglione. 

Chief Product Officer at Darewise Entertainment, Vincent Marty, says, “Over the next few months, we will unveil a lot of technological breakthroughs we have been working on that will power not only Life Beyond Chapter 1 2024 but also metaverses and games around the world.

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