Analyst Specks on Major Opportunity for XRP Adoption on the Horizon

XRP Poised to Threaten Bitcoin

In a recent video on Nov. 16, crypto analyst Bearable Bull highlighted an important upcoming date that could trigger widespread adoption of XRP and other digital assets. He pointed to November 19th, when the SWIFT global payments network plans to fully launch its new ISO 20022 standard.

ISO 20022 is a new financial messaging protocol that enables more data sharing between institutions. It also facilitates interoperability between different financial systems. The analyst believes this upgrade finally aligns with Ripple’s vision for faster cross-border payments through blockchain technology and the XRP cryptocurrency.

For years, Ripple has aimed to disrupt the legacy SWIFT system by promoting XRP as an efficient bridge currency for global transactions. The company has met with major players like the IMF and the World Economic Forum to advocate for the benefits of its technology.

According to The Bearable Bull, comments from IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva signal an embrace of digital assets to improve global finance. With Ripple’s recent legal victory over the SEC, the analyst sees XRP as primed for mass adoption.

In his view, the timing of the SWIFT upgrade, thawing institutional opposition, and the potential for an extended crypto bull run in 2023–2024 create a major opportunity for XRP. He believes XRP is uniquely positioned to solve liquidity challenges in cross-border payments.

Overall, the analyst is extremely optimistic that the upcoming ISO 20022 launch will trigger real-world adoption of Ripple’s blockchain solutions and XRP’s role in powering the future of finance. He urged investors to prepare for significant gains as regulators and institutions ramp up the integration of digital assets.

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