Anadol Brings The World’s First Multi-sensory Metaverse Project

Refik Anadol Studio collaborated with neuroscientists, architects, and AI developers & received support from NVIDIA, Google, Epic Game and more.
Anadol Brings The World’s First Multi-sensory Metaverse Project

One of the world’s leading digital artists, and a multi-millionaire media artist who is now firmly established as an NFT artist, Refik Anadol, had launched DATALAND-the world’s very first multi-sensory Metaverse project in January.

The metaverse project’s first physical appearance (the beta version) took place in Refik Anadol Studios(RAS) in LA on the 7th of April. The waitlist, which is now closed, had already reached 16,441 audiences on its first day of the announcement.

Refik Anadol’s team and the Philadelphia Orchestra, which has won the GRAMMY for the best orchestral performance, hosted a classical music evening in Verizon Hall, U.S. 

They transformed the hall for Beethoven: Missa Solemnis, a performance featuring a 40-ft-tall AI Data Sculpture by the NFT artist.

The AI was trained in Renaissance-era architecture, sculpture and paintings and was able to listen to 150 musicians while performing. Future historians will look at this moment as an inflection point for classical music.

Dataland is a project by RAS. It is a multidisciplinary collaboration with world-class neuroscientists, architects, artificial intelligence developers, and biological scientists.

Anadol’s goal is to combine these complex disciplines and present them in a more understandable and unique manner. Many companies will work together on the project including NVIDIA, Google, Epic Games, L-Acoustics, LG Displays, Epson, and Firmenich.

The project is the convergence of 10 years of neuroscientific experiments and physical reality. Anadol has received an Epic Games grant ‘to bring next-level concepts to the metaverse’, which is why the metaverse project is living in UnrealEngine in Epic Games Store.

The leading NFT production company Block Art Ventures describes the idea behind this event by saying, “Refik’s overarching thesis is that we’re surrounded by vast arrays of data (weather, demographic, geological) and becoming aware of it by converting it to pigments and motion will advance humanity.”

The current digital world suffers from a number of flaws and the metaverse could fill all of them. Metaverse’s commercially viable, multi-sensory, and interoperable channel could serve as a binding glue, tying all the loose ends of the current web together.

In many of its firsts, Snoop Dogg has been one pioneer to stretch the metaverse’s ability to serve humanity. He dropped the first-ever metaverse video this month produced in The Sandbox Metaverse for his track ‘House I Built’.

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