Zodia Custody to Provide Yield on Crypto For Institutions

Institutions will benefit from the OpenEden platform by having access to the potential real-world yield from US Treasury bills.
Zodia Custody to provide yield on crypto for Institutions

Zodia Custody collaborates with OpenEden to provide institutions with the chance to access off-chain yield potential for their on-chain assets without sacrificing the bank-grade security of Zodia Custody’s platform. 

This collaboration satisfies investor demand for a low-risk, liquid, and transparent institutional-grade custody solution for digital asset products that provide returns to stablecoin holders. 

As a bank-owned company with a strong institutional culture of regulatory compliance and governance, Zodia Custody will now be able to offer additional assurance to investors looking to custody assets in secure cold storage. 

The OpenEden platform, which offers on-chain security and transparency on real-world assets managed by regulated fund managers, will also help institutions by giving them access to the potential real-world yield from US Treasury bills. 

CEO of Zodia Custody, Julian Sawyer, said, “There’s a lot in the world of traditional finance that can be moved to digital assets. The challenge is how to bring some of the benefits to the world in a safe, compliant and regulatory-first way. Our first such partnership with OpenEden is exactly how we do this — by bringing access to yield products to our clients.”

Zodia Custody announced the opening of a subsidiary in Singapore due to high client demand and quickening global growth, and just a few days later they collaborated with OpenEden, a prominent Singapore-based digital asset platform developer.

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