Zipmex to Release ADA, SOL, and XRP to Users’ Wallets

Despite Zipmex’s liquidity crisis last month, these altcoins were allegedly “unaffected.”
Zipmex to Release ADA, SOL, and XRP to Users' Wallets

Crypto exchange Zipmex has been keeping it real with its transparent announcements on a regular basis, and today’s update is no exception. While it denied filing for bankruptcy, Zipmex will release ADA, SOL, and XRP into users’ Trade Wallets about two weeks after suspending withdrawals.

According to the announcement, Zipmex will make available 100% of SOL balances in Z Wallet, all XRP balances on August 4th, and all ADA balances on August 9th.

Despite Zipmex’s liquidity crisis due to “volatile market conditions” last month, these altcoins were allegedly “unaffected.” 

It also provided an update on the various avenues being investigated in relation to the return of assets from Babel Finance. They are also moving forward with fundraising discussions, which will allow them to re-enable Zwallet transfers.

The company has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with two investors, with a current Zipmex shareholder investing in the Zipmex native token (ZMT).

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