ZebPay Will Join IndiaTech in Proposing a Regulatory Framework for Crypto in India

ZebPay wishes to join IndianTech, an organization which published a whitepaper for crypto regulatory framework in India.
ZebPay Will Join IndiaTech

Top Indian cryptocurrencies exchange ZebPay will join IndiaTech. IndiaTech is an industry representing India’s internet startup. It also aims to offer a regulatory framework for crypto in India.

According to a Monday report from The Economics Times, executives from some of the crypto exchanges of India said their business wishes to Join IndiaTech. Efforts to pressure the government to regulate crypto with ZebPay confirming it would be doing so. 

Last month, the organization published a white paper. It includes coverage suggestions for a regulatory framework for crypto belonging and exchanges in India.

“The Exchange favoured the strategy we took to a deal with the problems,” mentioned IndiaTech CEO Ramesh Kailasam. “Crypto exchanges want to be part of IndiaTech because we have moved the needle in the previous few months on the narrative and notion of this business.

IndiaTech White paper contains an option for a regulatory framework, which may define cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin as a digital asset and not currencies. According to the organization, this ability to make legally them extra akin to “gold, shares or marketplace securities.”

The Proposal Recommends

  • Introducing country tax laws that appear to be lacking for users of cryptocurrencies.
  • Creating a clearer framework for compliance with anti-money laundering laws and verification.
  • Know your customer.

“There has not yet been significant progress,” said an executive from one of the major exchanges related to IndiaTech Integration. “Ultimately this effort will require a combination of the white paper, the code of conduct and other things.”

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Indian crypto exchange together with WazriX, CoinSwitch Kuber, CoinDCX, and Zebpay are already part of the blockchain and crypto Asset council.

The news was circulating suggestion that Indian lawmakers are considering banning cryptocurrencies in the country; no clear law has been passed in parliament. Lack of regularity clarity crypto exchange Kraken, Bitfinex, and KuCoin are also considering setting up in India.

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