Xbox Series X Refresh System may Support Crypto Wallets

After the Xbox Series X and S, Microsoft would release a new console that would not only be a new gadget but also a new “ecosystem generation.”
Xbox Series X Refresh System may Support Crypto Wallets

Microsoft has been working on updating its current Xbox line for release possibly next year and has outlined an ambitious, multi-device strategy for the new generation that will follow in 2028, as per the recent report.

Some new documents leak information about Microsoft’s plans for its gaming division, like dates or views for the near future. One of the leaked attachments, a slide deck from May 2022, suggests that new versions of the current Xbox models could be released the following year.

Xbox executives unveiled “Brooklin,” the codename for a “refresh” of its Xbox Series X console. Although the presentation did not boost the console’s power, it did offer a revised feature set: an all-digital device, no disc drive, 2TB of storage, and less power usage, all for $499.

Executives described a plan in a different slide deck from May 2022 that stated that Microsoft’s next console after the Xbox Series X and S would represent not just a new device but a new “ecosystem generation.”

Numerous features that could be supported were listed in the presentation, including both more conventional support for cryptocurrency wallets and more novel features like voice chat and player achievements.

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