Worldcoin Shifts Orb Operator Payments To WLD Tokens

Market makers will need to return or possibly purchase the remaining 25 million tokens as part of this agreement.
Worldcoin Shifts Orb Operator Payments to WLD Tokens

In a recent blog update, the Worldcoin Foundation shared that Orb operrators helping new users to scan their eyes for Worldcoin network access will receive their compensation in the form of WLD tokens.

Prior to this change, Orb operators were paid in USDC. However, the Worldcoin Foundation believes that by paying orb operators in WLD tokens will help to promote the Worldcoin network.

This shift is expected to be completed by next month, but this announcement is not visible to users in the United States.

The Foundation also provided an update on the circulating supply of WLD tokens. They have released more than 1% of the total supply of 10 billion tokens. Out of the approximately 134 million WLD tokens that were created, 100 million were provided as loans to market makers, and 34 million have been given as grants to users and orb operators.

As the loans are set to expire on October 24, Worldcoin has stated that they will extend the agreements until December 15 of this year, but with a reduced amount of 75 million tokens.

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