World of Women’s Artfest is Now Live!!

The World of Women community members can claim one NFT each day throughout the Artfest based on their WoW or WoWG skin tone attribute.
World of Women’s Artfest is Now Live!!

The famous World of Women (WoW) NFT collection launches an Artfest initiative in partnership with Saatchi Art, that seeks to celebrate top artists while contributing to the community.

The WoW Artfest occurs four times per year, marking the end of each season: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn. The WoW and WoWG NFT holders will be able to download free digital artwork from artists that were specifically chosen for the Artfest.

Each planet in the World of Women Galaxy (WoW/G) universe has 15 selected artists. WoW is represented by 7 artists, whereas WoWG is represented by 8 artists.

“World of Women (WoW) and World of Women Galaxy (WoWG) NFT holders are eligible to claim art pieces. Eligibility is based on the Planet of the WoW/G—determined by the skin tone trait—contained in the wallet,” the Artfest website reads.

Through the use of a snapshot taken just before the first day of Artfest, eligible wallets are selected. After the first day of Artfest, WoW/Gs gathered or traded will not be accepted in the new wallet.

Holders may claim one piece of art per Planet in each wallet. Separate claims are permissible for WoW and WoWG. The artworks are free to claim for all WoW/G holders with gas fees applicable.

The Artfest Winter will be held on the Rainbow Orb planet. Community members can claim one NFT each day throughout the event based on their WoW or WoWG skin tone attribute.

Mother Earth, Cyber Jungle, Flaming Ember, Frost Ring, Rainbow Orb, Golden Star, and Night Realm will be the themes of the first seven drops, while Nova Gaia, a futuristic planet, will be the subject of the final drop, which is reserved only for WoWG members and feature artwork created by a single creator.

The artworks will be offered for 8 straight days, with a certain supply of mints for each piece. Beginning on February 6 at 12 p.m. ET, two new pieces of art will be revealed daily during World of Women.

The WoW artist list for Artfest:

  • Blake Kathryn
  • Idil Dursun (Jarvinart)
  • Clément Morin
  • Classic Katsara
  • Melda VNH
  • Mark Inducil
  • Mad “Mari” Maraca

The WoWG artist list for Artfest:

  • Allison Bagg
  • Yanin Ruibal
  • Carla Sa Fernandes
  • Astrid Stoeppel
  • Fares Micue
  • Mario Henrique
  • Manuela Karin Knaut
  • Damola Ayegbayo

Yam Karkai, Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder at World of Women stated “We’re bringing new artists into our community to interpret the WoW lore in so many unique ways, which helps to expand the reach of our story and mission. It’s a wonderful way to experience the beauty of shared creativity.”

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