Women are Trading Crypto To Create a More Equitable Future

Women all over the world are investing and trading in crypto as they think crypto investment can improve living standards and quality of life.
Women are Trading Crypto to Create a More Equitable Future

In a recent report, women all around the world are investing in crypto for a more stable future and to improve their financial situations.

The study looked at financial aspirations and investment patterns among respondents from 20 Countries including Europe, China, Japan, South Korea, and Turkey, as well as some English-speaking nations.

By taking into account aspects like gender distribution and investment levels of over 1500 participants.  The research found that the most common financial goals among crypto investors globally were to improve living standards and overall quality of life. 

Bitget published on October 5 that 27% of the female investors in the US invest in crypto to finance their children’s educational costs.

In a recent report, it has shown that education remains a primary objective for female investors in the United States. However, female investors in South Korea and Japan are using cryptocurrency to improve their “personal financial situations”.

The press release stated, “Notably, 49% of female users in South Korea and 41% in Japan invest with this goal in mind, whereas the percentages drop to 45% and 30% for males respectively.”

About 19% of Chinese investors have put at least $100,000 into cryptocurrencies, and another 18% have invested at least $50,000.

More precisely, respondents from South Korea, Canada, and Turkey are most interested in improving personal living standards, with 46%, 44%, and 41% of them expressing this desire. 

Whereas, users from Malaysia and Taiwan see crypto investments as a way to improve their family’s financial situation, with 36% of them placing a higher importance on their family’s well-being compared to other financial goals.

Female investors in South Korea are rising reportedly and Japan hopes that crypto will lead to better living situations. While 17% of South Korean male investors aim to improve family finances.

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