Wolf Game: The first On-Chain Game of Ethereum Blockchain

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With the expansion of Cryptoverse with the revolutionary blockchain technology, new concepts and innovations are taking a place on it. Among the race of innovation, one new fascinating concept Blockchain Games has embarked on new heights. On-chain games come with entices ‘Play-to-earn’ concepts, where players earn rewards like digital assets such as NFTs or digital tokens. Wolf NFT Game is the place where you should begin your blockchain gaming journey.

The reason behind Why I’m suggesting the Wolf game is very clear, it’s ‘Simple’, ‘secure’, and the first on-chain NFT game on the Ethereum blockchain. After its rollout, the game has got the attention of many NFTs and Crypto lovers around the world because of its rewarding experience. 

Have you ever played Arcade or Coin-op games? Where you slide the coin into the machine and play to win a teddy or a few more coupons of different games. The same experience Wolf Game delivers. 

Arcade Games

In the Wolf Game, you get NFTs or governance tokens as a reward. No doubt here you need a lot more capital to play than nostalgic Arcade games, But in return, you’ll get an incredible experience of nonfungible tokens or NFTs. 

Wolf Game is also first in the manner where your Wolf NFTs can steal others’ NFTs. rather than that players can claim in-game governance tokens and get rewards by completing tasks. The game has generated $51 million in the first week, which shows the fanbase of on-chain games.

Unfortunately, the developers have found some bugs in the game and before it exploits the game, the developer has temporarily paused the game. 

Now Before moving forwards, keep in mind that the game concepts have been changing after the paused. Here I’ll try to give you every minute details from this game and to simplify these details I’ve divided this article into two topics.

  1. Before the discovery of exploit
  2. After solving exploit

Before the discovery of Exploit in Wolf Game

Wolf Game launched to cater best blockchain gaming experience by attracting concepts such as Wolf Game NFTs. Also, the developer offers in-game Governance tokens and precious resources for the game economy, $Wool. One can mint, earn or steal these NFTs and $Wool, which makes it unique among other play-to-earn on-chain games. You can say that the Wolf Game is the node/ intersection of NFTs and blockchain technology. 

What is Game About?

The game mainly focused on three characters presented on 20,000 Genesis plots:

  • Sheep
  • Wolves
  • Farmers

Sheep – It is the source of precious $Wool. The more you mint or add Sheep into your farms, the more you $Wool you will get. Also, You can stake a flock of sheep in a barn, where you earn $Wool. One can breed them to increase the number of Sheep.

Wolves – Wolves are the evilest character in the game. you’ll have to take care of Sheep and $Wool otherwise it can be hunted, stolen, or Kidnapped by Wolves. In order to protect your flock.

Farmers – They pay taxes on $Wool production to Wolves to keep them away from the barn. 

Number Game

$WOOL tokens:  Initially, the total $Wool token supply was decided to keep 1.8 Billion. 

Wolf game has committed to maintaining a 5 billion $Wool supply. The total supply will be distributed among players, developers, and community members. 

Out of 5 billion, 2.4 billion will be available for players and they can claim this $Wool by staking their Sheep in the barn. The remaining supply will be allocated to developers and the community, with the respective proportion of 600 million and 2 billion.

Which means,

Total Supply of $Wool =  Staking Faucet  +   Developers  +  Community

      (5 Billion)                    (2.4 Billion)            (600 million)      (2 Billion)

Genesis Land Plots

Players who own Wolf NFTs can claim genesis plots out of the finite source of just 20,000!!!! At the time of writing, all this Genesis land has been sold. 

Sheep and Wolves 

At the start of the game, the developer has projected 50,000 Wolf NFTs, which includes 10,000 Gen 0 Wolf NFTs and 40,000 Gen 1 Wolf NFTs. But when the game was paused, Only 13,800 Wolf NFTs were minted (10,000 Gen 0 and 3,809 Gen 1). Owing to this, the rarity level of Wolf NFTs is so high. 

Out of 13,809, 12,066 Sheep and only 1743 Wolves were minted. The reason behind the less number of Wolves is its rarity. In the Wolf game, the probability to mint Wolves is only 10%!!!

After Solving Exploit by Wolf Game Developers

As Wolf Game is the first completely Ethereum-based on-chain game, the game has got a huge response after the launch on Nov 18th. In less than a week, the game has successfully generated a 12.2 ETH volume, which shows blockchain games’ influence across the globe. Other than that, its fascinating concepts such as NFTs stealing and Play-to-earn have gotten attention from NFTs lovers. 

But before the game creates history in the blockchain world, the developer has identified a bug. To prevent exploitation, the developer has taken countermeasures and temporarily paused the game.

The reason behind this pause was to protect Wolf NFTs and resources such as $Wool tokens. The developer has also revealed a $50,000 Bug Bounty program for third-party auditors and the community to cater errorless gaming experiences for players.

While updating the game, many new concepts and utilities have been revealed. The aim behind these new utilities is to fix the oversupply of $Wool tokens. 

The game came to the decision to migrate all old Wolf NFTs on the new smart contract, which contains the same metadata and traits as old NFTs. (The migration was started on 27th Nov)

Migration Process

Migration Process in Wolf Game
Migration Process

The ‘migration’ word always sounds horrible after the Second World War, but believe me, here you can migrate your collected Wolf NFTs in just a few seconds without a long walk. 

To protect Wolf NFTs, The game has decided to shift over the new smart contract and migrate all old NFTs on new contracts. On a new smart contract, NFTs holders can get the same copy of NFT with similar metadata and traits as an old NFT.

In order to achieve the exact copy of Wolf NFTs on the new smart contract, all you need MetaMask Wallet (obviously where your Wolf  NFT is stored) and an internet connection. 

The migration process began on 27th Nov and there is no limit for migration. You can migrate your NFTs by following these simple steps,

  1. Search the Wolf Game Website and Click on the ‘Migrate’ option
  2. Just click on the ‘connect Metamask’ in Legacy NFTs and here your migration is complete !!!!

Your new Wolf NFTs will reflect the migrated NFTs option. You don’t need to worry about these NFTs as they contain the same properties as your older NFTs. 

Wool Pouches

One More stuff you can claim after NFTs migration is “Wool Pouches”. Simply Wool Pouches are the packets with the $Wool and only Wolf NFTs holders can claim.

Why Wool Pouches were introduced? A common question among Wolf Game lovers. 

At the beginning of the game, 40,000 Gen 1 Sheep and Wolves were expected to mint through 1.8 billion $Wool tokens. But due to pause, only 3,809 Wolves and Sheep were minted, which has created an oversupply of $1.7 billion $Wool tokens. To fix this oversupply, the game came with “Wool Pouche”.

What is a Wool Pouche? Simply, Wool Pouches are nothing more than a virtual bag with a finite supply of $Wool tokens. All Wolf NFTs holders can claim these Wool pouches. 

How $Wool will distribute? Initially, every minter will be able to claim 10,000 $Wool in exchange for a farmer. Which will give a chance to minters burn 10,000 $Wool in exchange for a farmer. The left out $Wool will be locked into Wool Pouches and available to unlock for the next 4 years at a specific period of time.

In the 4 years of time, anyone can claim unlocked $Wool from Wool Pouches and can trade their Wool Pouches on the secondary market such as Opensea.

On a technical basis, Wool Pouche is a tradable NFTs in form of ERC-20 tokens, which carries a fixed amount of $Wool tokens. 

Now before taking you to the next level of the game, I just want to familiarize you with all past events and changes, which has made the game a little bit confusing for some people.

Risky Game 

Risky Game

The remaining supply of $Wool after Phase 1 will be distributed through a new task called “Risky Game”. As we know when the error occurred approximately 230 million $Wool were already claimed. 

(Earlier, this supply was planned to distribute through staking or shearing. But now, as the game is heading towards a new concept, the old concept will end with a new task launch.)

The game gives you two options to participate in the Risky Game. “Yes Risk” and “No Risk”

  1. No Risk

While making a deal with Wolves, if you want to play safe then you can directly claim the Wool Pouches with the predetermined supply of $Wool. The amount you will get in pouches will be depended on your staking situation at the time of the game paused.

Staked NFTs will get the earning from Barn on the basis of the staking time period (time between staking to migration)

Unstaked NFTs will receive the amount at the constant rate of 10,000 $Wool per day from the time the contract was paused up until the migration opened.

Staked: $Wool earning will be depended on the staking time period 

Unstaked: 10,000 $Wool Per day from paused to migration

Note that on the total earnings in the No Risk option, Wolves will take away 20% from your earnings.

  1. Yes Risk

Here, you can try your luck. The winning chance will be 50-50. If your sheep wins, you will get the Wool Pouches with a large sum of $Wool tokens. But if you lose, you will have to return with empty hands!!!!

Here the winner will get the bigger pouch than No Risk options. 

In the Yes Risk option, available $Wool will be equal to the remaining Wool from the staking faucet (2.4 billion) minus $Wool used in the No Risk option. 

Availability of $Wool          Total Wool In Staking Faucet  –  Already Claimed $Wool –  Used in

    In Yes Option          =          (2.4 billion)                               (230 million)                   No Risk 

Also One can calculate the amount of earning in the Yes Risk Option by dividing the total number of $Wool in Yes Risk option by the total number of Sheep participating in Yes Risk.

Which Means, 

Yes Risk Option  =  Total $Wool Available in Yes Risk Option / Participated Sheep in Yes Risk


Lastly, all remaining $Wool not won by Sheep will be handed over to Wolves.

Moreover, this game is still under development and a full version of this game is expected to launch in 2022. Crypto Times commits you to deliver every update and change in the future of the game.

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