Wipro to Invest $1B in Cloud, Metaverse, Web3, Robotics

Wipro Chairman Rishad Premji holds on to optimism amid global economic uncertainty.
Wipro to Invest $1B in Cloud, Metaverse, Web3.0, Robotics

At the July 19 Annual General Meeting of Wipro, Chairman Rishad Premji announces a $1 billion investment in cloud services, web3.0, metaverse, robotics, self-learning AI, and privacy systems.

Wipro also states investments in TopCoder, its crowdsourcing platform, will continue to rise in the future.

“We are accelerating our investments in TopCoder, our crowdsourcing platform and in emerging areas such as the metaverse, web 3.0, robotics, self-learning AI, and privacy systems,” says Chairman Premji.

With Wipro boosting its cloud business, thanks to cybersecurity services and digital cloud services’ demand, CEO Thierry Delaporte says,

“We expect businesses to increasingly turn to cloud based technologies and digital tools to enable an increasingly dispersed global workforce, but also to enhance enterprise agility and speed of innovation to better prepare for the future.”

Planning for “building capabilities and acquiring market-leading talent”, Wipro is set to ease through “navigating a complex ecosystem with multiple providers” for enterprises.

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Acting as an “end-to-end transformation partner to orchestrate digital transformation” for enterprises, Premji believes “long-term prospects for the technology services industry look impressive.”

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