Will Wright Raises $6M to Build Blockchain Game ‘Proxi’

Will Wright Raises $6M to Build Blockchain Game ‘Proxi’

The popular game “The Sims” creator Will Wright has raised $6 million to build the blockchain game ‘Proxi’. Venture capital firm Griffin Gaming Partners is backing WIll Wright to develop a simulation game that utilizes NFTs, AI, and blockchain technology.

Gallium Studios, an independent gaming studio founded by Will Wright and Lauren Elliott will use the raised capital to fund its Web3 ambitions. Gallium’s first projects include the NFT-powered metaverse VoxVerse, which Wright designed for Gala Games and Proxi, a memory simulation game.

Both use blockchain technology in some way. Wright said the collaboration with Griffin will give the company the freedom to focus on core entertainment experiences that they’re passionate about building. 

He also said his idea of blockchain is quite different from those supporting NFTs. Yesterday, ‘The Witcher’ Animator announced a new horror-themed game ‘DRKVRS’.

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