Why Binance has a bright future ahead?

Why Binance has bright future ahead

Many analysts consider ETH 2.0 to be a new top blockchain to watch, which is a highly speculative assertion. In truth, there are numerous rivals in the market, with Binance’s blockchain being the most powerful. It will not be labeled as a game-changing update by the owners, but it may be seen as such.

It’s important to keep an eye on projects like this if you want to identify fresh investment prospects.

Due to its archaic systems, the original BTC blockchain is far outside the equation with the slowest transaction speed on the market. Ethereum blockchain was able to bring a lot more services for the users, but it was also unable to increase the transaction speed to a significant level. 

ETH 1.0 was revolutionary for defi but it was still not enough. The creation of the BNB chain was the answer to ETH 1.0 problems at the time. The major one being slower transaction speed due to the higher loads.

BNB Foundation Executive Director Uri Ferruccio states that the biggest strength of the BNB Chain will be an instant transaction. But there is much more to anticipate from the project from the popular bitcoin exchange platform.

How do things come to be

Understanding the history of these 2 projects is key to calculating their value in the future. Starting with ETH, this blockchain was released in 2016 and developed by famous crypto enthusiast V. Buterin. During the following years, Ethereum has become the main competitor for the undisputed number 1 on the market Bitcoin. Regular updates help the platform to maintain its relative position through the years.

When people hear ”BNB” the first thing that comes to mind is BinanceEX. It is one of the largest websites to buy or sell cryptocurrencies in the world. This in turn helps to raise the funds for many inside projects. In fact, Binance’s own blockchain is one of the many endeavors the company has taken throughout the years.

Killing features of these chains

Increasing the speed of an average transaction will be addressed in the projects in question. It has been on a steady decline for the past years on all popular blockchains (BTC, ETH, TRX). The approach to this problem is a key difference between ETH and BNB chains. Let’s look at the difference:

  • Ethereum: A change from the proof-of-work to proof-of-stake consensus systems;
  • Binance: Increasing the number of validating agents to 41.

Each of these 2 systems in the future could have many unique traits. ETH 2.0 will be a primary blockchain development platform with an open environment for NFT trades. BNB Chain on the other hand will be focused on a faster peer-to-peer transaction that complements its primary trading place Binance Exchange.

The direction an investor may take

The winner in the competition definitely will be valued more in the global crypto market. So any investor out there should try to predict the possible growth of each token. Today’s analysts say that visible growth will be on BNB Token’s side. Not in the long run but as a short investment opportunity it is perfect! 

Furthermore, if there is no BTC 2.0, Ethereum will undoubtedly become the most valuable cryptocurrency. The sheer number of tools for blockchain development, NFT, and who knows how many features to come!

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