Web3 Leader Zeeve Joins Forces with India Blockchain Alliance

Zeeve, as an infrastructure partner of IBA, will offer user-friendly Web3 infrastructure to Indian enterprises and governments.
Web3 Leader Zeeve Joins Forces with India Blockchain Alliance

The prominent Blockchain Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform, Zeeve, has recently announced a thrilling partnership with the India Blockchain Alliance (IBA) to accelerate the adoption and awareness of blockchain technology across the Indian subcontinent. 

According to the announcement, Zeeve and IBA have joined forces with the objective of making noteworthy advancements in blockchain-enabled infrastructure across government agencies, universities, and diverse enterprises. They plan to achieve this by introducing innovative projects that will make a big impact on how these institutions operate.

Zeeve empowers businesses with no-code, plug-and-play infrastructure, offering dedicated node infrastructure and RPC APIs for 40+ blockchain protocols. With ISO, SOC2 TypeII, and GDPR compliance, Zeeve prioritizes data privacy and security for industries like finance. 

Dr. Ravi Chamria, co-founder and CEO of Zeeve, emphasizes the importance of this partnership. He states that it reflects their commitment to making blockchain technology accessible and understandable in different industries. As the infrastructure partner of IBA, Zeeve will provide user-friendly web3 infrastructure to businesses and government organizations across India.

He also added, “We will also work with IBA’s initiative of establishing Centers of Excellence in various universities, by providing blockchain infrastructure as a sandbox for innovation and development. We strongly believe our combined efforts will expedite blockchain adoption, fueling substantial business growth for blockchain-based startups in India.”

To promote the adoption of blockchain technology, Sandbox initiatives and centers of excellence (COEs) will play an important role. 

Raj Kapoor, the Founder of India Blockchain Alliance, highlighted the significance of the recent announcement, underscoring that it brings together two prominent industry leaders who aim to deliver exceptional capabilities across different sectors. 

Raj stated, “Being an end-to-end ecosystem catalyst, IBA loves to work with those whose passion reflect in their work through quality and resolution in their products and services and the good news is that with Zeeve we can now move towards our collective ecosystems with a vision to grow together.”

Moreover, the progress in Blockchain and Web3 technologies in India is predicted to propel the worth of the digital assets economy to surpass $200 billion in the next decade. This expansion is expected to make a substantial contribution of over $1 trillion to India’s GDP.

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