Top 7 Celebrity NFTs to Keep an Eye on in 2023

The NFT space continues to captivate celebrities, serving as a medium to connect with fans and promote emerging technology. Numerous celebrity NFT projects have surfaced, reflecting the potential for mainstream adoption. Here are some notable celebrities actively engaged in the NFT wave, showcasing their celebrity NFT endeavors.

Snoop Dogg, the NFT enthusiast, tops our list of Celebrity NFTs. With projects like "A Journey with the Dogg," "Young Snoop," and collaborations with Eminem and others, he's making waves in the NFT world. Expanding to the metaverse, he launched 'Snoopverse' in the Sandbox with NFT avatars and passes.

1. Snoop Dogg

Paris Hilton shines in the NFT world with her charitable debut auction and collaborations, earning almost $1.1 million. From Hummingbird in My Metaverse to partnering with PAK and venturing into the metaverse, her influence remains strong. Keep an eye out for her next captivating celebrity NFT projects.

2. Paris Hilton

Johnny Depp makes a splash in the NFT world with his collection "Never Fear Truth," featuring portraits of friends and heroes. Proceeds from the 11,111 NFTs, including Marlon Brando and Elizabeth Taylor, were donated to charity. Stay tuned to see what Captain Jack has in store for his next NFT adventure.

3. Johnny Depp

The queen of pop, Madonna, joined forces with NFT artist Beeple for a charitable collaboration. Their project, "Mother of Creation," featured three digital videos showcasing Madonna as a nude woman giving birth to nature, technology, and more. Accompanied by poetry, including works by Madonna and Rumi, the triptych conveyed a message of hope. Stay tuned for a potential new NFT project from the pop queen, hopefully in 2023.

4. Madonna

Boxing legend Mike Tyson entered the NFT ring with Binance CEO CZ, releasing the Mike Tyson's Mystery Box NFT collection. Continuing his NFT journey, Tyson partnered with Ex Populus to launch the Iron Pigeons NFTs, a playable trading card set on the Solana network. The Final Form metaverse game is in development, promising exciting prospects. Stay tuned for Iron Mike's next celebrity NFT project when the bell rings in the coming year.

5. Mike Tyson

Grammy-nominated DJ Steve Aoki made a splash in the NFT world with his Dream Catcher collection, earning a staggering $4.29 million. Aoki continued to drop multiple NFTs and found success in NFT royalties. With numerous collaborations and his own a0k1verse ecosystem, he's thriving in the NFT space. Aoki's collaboration with Snoop Dogg resulted in the first-ever virtual music video in The Sandbox metaverse for their track "House I Built."

6. Steve Aoki

Anthony Hopkins enters the NFT world with "The Eternal Collection," capturing his iconic film characters. Seeking advice from fellow celebrity NFT owners, Hopkins embraces NFTs as a new artistic canvas. Excitement builds for what this talented artist will unveil next.

7. Anthony Hopkins

Don't miss out on the NFT journey of these top 7 celebrities in 2023. Stay tuned and keep an eye on their captivating celebrity NFT projects. The future of art and entertainment awaits!

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