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To begin investing in $PAPA Coin, you must first create a wallet. You can download Metamask or any other wallet you prefer for free from the app store or Google Play Store. For desktop users, simply visit metamask.io to acquire the Google Chrome extension.



Once you have a wallet, you need to obtain some ETH. It is necessary to possess ETH within your wallet to swap to $PAPA. If you do not already have any ETH, there are several ways to acquire it. You can buy it directly through Metamask, transfer it from a different wallet, or purchase it on another exchange and then send it to your wallet.


After obtaining ETH, you can connect with Uniswap by visiting app.uniswap.org using Google Chrome or the browser within your Metamask app. Connect your wallet and paste the $PAPA token address into Uniswap. Then, select Pepe and confirm your selection. When prompted by Metamask for a wallet signature, proceed to sign it.


Finally, you can swap ETH to $PAPA. There are no taxes for exchanging ETH for $PAPA, so you do not have to worry about purchasing it at a specific slippage. However, during periods of market volatility, you may need to use slippage.


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