Ben Armstrong's Live Arrest: The Complete Story

Ben Armstrong, or BitBoy, gained fame as a crypto influencer, offering insights and advice to a massive following on social media platforms.

Armstrong's rise coincided with the explosive popularity of meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, which he discussed extensively on his YouTube channel.

BitBoy faced controversies, including allegations of substance abuse and misuse of corporate funds, leading to severed ties with the Hit Network.

Armstrong's promotion of PSYOP memecoin attracted legal threats, with claims of manipulative tactics in the PSYOP presale.

BitBoy planned to confront Carlos Diaz on YouTube Live, accusing him of harassment and the theft of his Lamborghini.

During the broadcast, the situation took an unexpected turn when police arrested Armstrong, and reports emerged of illegal drugs found in his vehicle.

The community reacted strongly, with debates and discussions about the arrest's circumstances and implications.

The $BEN coin's price dropped by more than 20% following Armstrong's arrest, affecting the cryptocurrency market.

Ben Armstrong was eventually released from jail, and speculation continued about the details of the arrest.