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Azuki's Exciting 'Elementals' NFT Collection Launching Today

Azuki's 'Elementals' NFT collection by Chiru Labs goes live today, featuring innovative digital artworks.

The collection includes 20,000 Ethereum-based NFTs and offers a unique opportunity for collectors.

Azuki surprised NFT holders with an airdrop at a community event in Las Vegas, giving them tokens for exclusive Elementals. 

The sale starts with Phase 1 for Azuki holders, followed by Phase 2 for BEANZ holders, and then Phase 3 open to the public.

Each phase allows for a specific number of Elementals to be minted per wallet, with fresh allocations in each phase.

The public sale uses a Dutch auction model, starting at 2 ETH per NFT and gradually decreasing in price over time.

Azuki and BEANZ holders in the presale phases will receive a refund for the price difference determined by the auction.

The Elementals collection showcases a mythical landscape divided into four kingdoms, representing the Azuki community's interconnectedness.

Each Elemental has randomized attributes of varying rarity, spread across four tiers, including highly sought-after "grail" NFTs.

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