Wau Holland Foundation Transfers $1.8 Million to Assange Campaign

The Wau Holland Foundation transferred 580.775 ETH to the Australian Assange Campaign as a commission fee for brokering the NFT donation.
Wau Holland Foundation Transfers $1.8 Million to Assange Campaign

The non-profit organization, Wau Holland Stiftung Foundation for “Moral Courage – Julian Assange” made its first transaction since receiving the proceeds generated from the “Clock” NFT sale. 

Wau Holland transferred $1.8 million to the Australian Assange Campaign to support them continue their work defending Julian Assange and his human rights. 

The Wau Holland Foundation sent a total of 580.775 ETH (€1.7 million or approx. $1.8 million) as a commission fee for brokering the NFT donation.

This recent transaction made to the Assange Campaign by Wau Holland marks the first transferred amount of 580.775 ETH out of 16,592 ETH received from Pak

The Assange Campaign has made no statement regarding how they will use the transferred funds. They also have not yet confirmed from their side about them receiving the transferred amount. 

In February, when Pak’s Censored NFT collection was a burning topic in the crypto world and among Julian supporters, the NFT drop gathered immense hype worldwide. Millions of people came forward to defend Julian Assange in his fight against the troubled system that’s long been trying to suppress him. 

Consequently, the 1/1 Clock NFT of Censored NFT collection accumulated 16,592 ETH from the overwhelming participation by both the crypto community and Assange supporters. Both the parties jointly under AssangeDAO, a decentralized platform responsible for the #FreeAssange movement – have raised the funds for the legal fees of Julian Assange.

On the other hand, many are criticizing the step as they seek some amount to be given to the AssangeDAO community who in the first place had raised the funds. There is so much ambiguity around why Wau Holland sent the amount as a commission fee. 

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been deprived of liberty for 11 years and has been imprisoned for three years on espionage charges over publishing confidential US military records and diplomatic cables. 

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