Visualldreams Satiates Your Perceptions with Intangible Thoughts, Chimera & NFTs

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“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were, but without it we go nowhere.”

 ~Carl Sagan

Who knew that the ever-expanding, exhilarating, and intoxicating Cosmos would continue to foster a little girl’s intangible thoughts forever? And that one day, enthralled by the cosmos, she would transform her daydreams into visuals and arts, let alone NFTs.

Every month, Reema, the little girl, would sneak into the Griffith Observatory and gaze at planets and extra terrestrial objects through the most massive telescopes she had ever seen. She would spend all of her days outside, mesmerized by all of the views, and get utterly stumped in it all. 

Reema has always been intrigued by what lies far beyond the Milky Way galaxy. All of the views and objects she has seen through the magnifying glass have shaped her beliefs, as well as who she is and how the world is perceived through her eyes. 

The Odyssey

Celestial Landscape is Reema’s description of the strange, vivid dreams she has of another planet to which her soul feels connected to. Perhaps some of you who are obsessed with the cosmos would completely resonate with the work as a remembrance from one of your dreams. Because I absolutely do!!

Celestial Landscape

Given the vast expansion of life in the cosmos, life is nothing more than a fleeting moment in time. Reema, also known as ‘Visualldreams’ in the NFT community, believes that the purpose of life is to simply experience and observe who you are in this incarnation. Every single experience, good or bad, is sacred and important for nurturing the soul.

Reema’s parents relocated from Jordan to California in search of a better life for their children. Reema was born and brought up in California, and she will be eternally grateful to her parents for everything. “I did not have the easiest childhood, but I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.” remarks Reema.

All of her childhood experiences, according to the artist, led to her spiritual awakening “My awakening altered every aspect of my life. It shattered everything I thought I knew and replaced it with something that made perfect sense to my soul. It set me on a completely different path in life, and it is what led me to create art. I needed a way to express how deeply I felt.” says the creator of Just Floating. 

Just Floating

In an exclusive interview with The Crypto Times, NFT artist Visualldreams revealed that if she hadn’t been an artist who contemplates with her intangible imaginations and dreams, she might have pursued a career in Anthropology. With a degree in Cultural Anthropology, the Deja Vu artist hoped to work for National Geographic or a university, earning a living while traveling the world and studying other cultures.

Deja Vu

The Anthropology major has accomplished many things in her life, including graduating from college and receiving her degree, but she considers her greatest accomplishment to be selling her first piece of art as an NFT. Reema recalls the sweet moment in her life “I was an artist long before I entered Web3, but NFTs have given me more power as an artist than anything else I’ve ever experienced. I am deeply grateful.”

The 3D artist who seeks to intertwine reality and imagination- with a desire to give tangible form to intangible thoughts- began her NFT journey in February of 2021. Reema reminisces about her entry “Despite the fact that the NFT space moves at breakneck speed, I have enjoyed every minute of it. Currently, I am only working on 1/1’s, but I occasionally assist other projects with 3D art or ideas.”

Visualldreams bases her art on nostalgia—not nostalgia in the traditional sense, but nostalgia in the sense of remembering who we truly are. Where we came from. How multidimensional we are. Her beautiful and enlightening artwork, The Enlightened One, clearly reflects how powerful and whole we are, as well as how internal growth guides us to the path of enlightenment.

Enlightened One

The ‘Journey to Saturn’ creator has been very open about her identity and frequently shares snippets of her daily life on social media. She does, however, wish she could have remained anonymous because it brings a sense of mystery to one’s work. “I never want my work to be put in a box,” Reema says. “I want it to transcend everything physical and just be a beautiful work of art.”

“The journey as an NFT artist was a never-ending learning process, and the most amazing part of being an NFT artist is being able to give back to the community,” comments Reema.

Reema had little knowledge of cryptocurrency when she first began her career as an NFT artist. And in order to keep up with the pace, she spent the majority of her days watching videos. “I went from not knowing what a token or address was to being able to create my own contract,” Reema says. I also asked a lot of questions to people who have been in this space for a lot longer than I have, which led to me making a lot of new friends who I adore. People I met along the way, artists and collectors, have forever changed my life. I will be eternally grateful to them.”

Journey to saturn

The accomplishments that we are most proud of are the moments when we dare to aim higher, to break down barriers, to reach for the stars, to reveal the unknown. We then realize who we truly are and what our self worth and capabilities are.

Aside from the learning process, Reema feeds her dreams and imagination by going on hikes and taking walks in nature. She also enjoys watching nature documentaries and science fiction films to relax her mind. The NFT artist believes that connecting with nature is critical to her well-being. “Movement is extremely important to my mental health, and being surrounded by nature’s beauty is my ultimate source of fuel.”

“You came from unimaginable realms of power and light, and you will return to those realms.” 

Reema introduces us to her vision of the realm explaining “It all depends… Personally, I believe that there are many realms, and that these realms may have levels. At the most fundamental level, I believe we continue to reincarnate in bodies…in different galaxies…all across the universe…until we learn some fundamental lessons. After that, I believe we transform into light beings, pure energy, formless…as guides, going wherever we want, whenever we want. After that…difficult it’s to say. Do we stay in one place once we’ve learned everything we need to know? That is a question I reckon about often.”

And her Drifting Through the Cosmos art piece truly and star-gazingly conveys her love for nature and the universe along with her unimaginable realm. The details in the art will truly captivate you and leave you spellbound. Absolutely breathtaking, while allowing you to feel detached from this realm of earth while levitating through the Cosmos.

Drifting through the Cosmos

Visualldreams believes that her greatest strength is her ability to connect with others on a soul level. She further elucidates that “I understand them. I empathize with them. I establish deep loyalty and a connection unlike any other with everyone that is important in my life.” Connection is everything to her, and her cosmic and celestial artworks perhaps clearly reflect this immeasurable connection.



The artworks of Visualldreams combine reality and fantasy. When asked how she distinguishes between reality and imagination, the Wormhole artist elaborates “What I see is reality. The physical world that envelops me. Mountains, trees, the ocean, and the night sky. Imagination is more of a feeling than a consciousness that I feel in my soul. It transcends reality. It’s ephemeral. Ethereal. Magical. It’s a different plane of existence. I hope to connect the two and apply it to my work.”

After almost all this time of being in the NFT space, she finally will have her own SuperRare account as she applied recently. Pretty exciting for her fans and for Reema as well!!

The death of her father had a profound impact on Reema’s outlook on life and spirituality. It also inspired her to delve deeper into the art, utilizing the concept of the soul transcending the third dimension. It indeed was a turning point in her life that has shaped who she is today.

You are a warrior if you have the soul of a warrior. Reema asserts boldly that “You should be self-assured. Raise your voice. Don’t let anyone suffocate your spirit. You are the link between the physical and spiritual realms. You are responsible for bringing unborn souls to the planet. Never underestimate your own power.”

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