User Funds Stuck in Linea Bridge Due to Withdrawal Delay

Linea users rage after facing delay withdrawals as long as 6 days.
User Funds Stuck in Linea Bridge Due to Withdrawal delay

The layer2 solution, Linea is currently facing backlash from users as their funds are stuck in the bridge. It is taking much longer to withdraw Ether from the Linea layer2 blockchain bridge.

Despite Linea having solved the issue, several users complain that they are still unable to withdraw their Ether from L2 to Ethereum. The team announced that they are working hard to speed up the transactions.

The question now arises regarding sustainability of Linea as the network is facing issues just after its mainnet launch last week. Linea is built by the web3 developer company ConsenSys.

Linea’s discord admin claims “a batch submission issue” is the root cause for the delay between Linea and Ethereum. “The Linea team worked on a fix and they deployed one,” says the admin, “The batch submission has been resumed, it will take time to catch up with the L2 head.”

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The blockchain bridge allows users to transfer crypto assets across multiple blockchain networks. The L2 network, Linea has developed an official cross-chain bridge to transfer funds from other blockchains to Linea and vise-versa.

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