US Banks Facing Deposit Delays Shows Necessity For Decentralization

Several customers raged as the delay in bank deposits caused them to miss the payment deadlines.
US Banks Facing Deposit Delays Shows Necessity For Decentralization

This Friday, multiple banks within the United States faced delays in deposits after a payment processor network error.

The error affected a large number of banks, with customers stressing over their deposit amounts. Although the deposits were safe, it raised concerns about the security and surety of the funds.

Speaking on the matter, the US Federal Reserve officially released a statement and said that the error came after a processing issue at Automated Clearing House, the payment processor that is used by a wide range of US banks.

While noting the issue, several users from the crypto community suggested that Bitcoin serve as a fix to the problem. As bank customer deposits were stopped, funds were put at risk, which also shows a lack of ownership of the funds for the users. However, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency can work as quick and transparent financing, which also gives users true ownership of the fund because of their decentralized nature. No third person can stop you from using your funds while also providing great security.

Several users also raged, stating that they missed deadlines to pay rent and other bills due to a delay in bank deposits. They will essentially have to pay these bills with penalties and late fees. This shows how necessary DECENTRALIZATION is.

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