Upstream Data Sues Crusoe Energy For Bitcoin Mining Patent

Bitcoin mining firm takes legal action against competitor’s “Digital Flare Mitigation” system.
Upstream Data Sues Crusoe Energy For Bitcoin Mining Patent

Upstream Data Inc., a prominent Canadian Bitcoin mining firm, has taken legal action by filing a lawsuit for patent infringement against Crusoe Energy System LLC, a Delaware-based liability company. The lawsuit for this intellectual property dispute is the United States District Court for the District of Colorado. 

According to the lawsuit, Upstream Data alleges that Crusoe Energy Systems has infringed upon the patent owned by Stephen Barbour, the founder of Upstream Data.  

It is claimed that Crusoe knowingly developed and utilized this technology despite being aware of the patent. In response, Upstream Data is seeking damages and requesting the court to issue an order requiring Crusoe to cease the alleged violation of intellectual property rights. 

According to the company’s spokesperson, Crusoe acknowledges the complaint and intends to strongly defend themselves against it. The company expresses confidence in their own intellectual property, which encompasses five issued patents. 

According to the complaint, Crusoe’s implementation of “Digital Flare Mitigation” systems is alleged to violate the patented technology owned by upstream. Upstream Data possesses a patent for a unique system that enables the operation of a blockchain mine at distant oil well locations by utilizing standard gas to generate electricity for cryptocurrency mining. 

In the year 2017, Mr. Barbour embarked on a journey to establish Upstream with the purpose of innovating, producing, and bringing groundbreaking innovation to the market. As outlined in the filing, the company has successfully implemented over 350 Bitcoin (BTC) mining systems throughout the US and Canada, effectively addressing the problem of stranded gas venting and flaring. 

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