Unstoppable Domains & Venture Miami to Provide Web3 Education

Everyone at ‘Miami for Everyone’ will receive a $50 credit toward an NFT domain and Miami Dade College students will be given free NFT domains.
Unstoppable Domains & Venture Miami to Provide Web3 Education

A Web3 identity platform and NFT domain provider will strive to enhance Web3 education! Unstoppable Domains have teamed up with the City of Miami’s Venture Miami to help educate citizens about Web3.

The Venture Miami Web3 educational event “Miami for Everyone” will take place at Miami Dade College from June 17-19.

‘Venture Miami’ is Mayor Francis Suarez’s vision to transform Miami into an innovative technology ecosystem and economy that benefits everyone.

Web3 newcomers from Miami will benefit from an inclusive and engaging environment to learn about Web3. 

While those with more experience will be able to share their knowledge in order to make a social impact. A full day of workshops, a hackathon, and networking opportunities will be held at the event.

Erick Gavin, Executive Director of Miami Ventures said, “We are excited to have partners like Unstoppable Domains offer greater accessibility into Web3 technologies, and look forward to the resources they will provide to our Miami Tech ecosystem.”

This is Unstoppable Domains’ second city-wide domain giveaway, as everyone at ‘Miami for Everyone’ will receive a $50 credit toward an NFT domain. 

The platform will also host onboarding sessions in English and Spanish to help attendees in creating a wallet and claiming their NFT domain, as well as a wallet security guide.

But, it does not end there.

Unstoppable Domains will also help Miami Dade College students by providing free NFT domains.

Sandy Carter, SVP and head of business development at Unstoppable Domains said, “Unstoppable Domains is pleased to support the great city of Miami on its mission to become the most Web3 and crypto-friendly city in the world.”

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