Uniswap Suffers Outage Due to Cloudflare Routing Issues

Uniswap Suffers Outage Due to Cloudflare Routing Issues

The biggest decentralized exchange Uniswap suffered an outage because of a routing issue at internet infrastructure firm Cloudflare.

Some users who were trying to access the Uniswap website saw a blank page, while others didn’t seem to be affected. 

Uniswap’s official Discord admin confirmed the outage and cited Cloudflare as the issue. The Uniswap team urged users to connect to the protocol through its IPFS Link in a Reddit post.

Users have reported that the problem has persisted for more than four hours. But Uniswap reportedly fixed the issue and the website is running smoothly. 

Uniswap has been onboarding users at a high rate since the FTX crash as users are skeptical about centralized exchanges since the whole collapse and current market conditions. 

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