Ukrainian Lawmakers Undergo Advanced Training on Investigating Crypto Crimes

Ukraine Seizes Funds from Crypto Wallet Funding Russian Military

Ukrainian lawmakers and officials have received advanced training on identifying and investigating crypto-related financial crimes. A 4-day course was organized by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and the OSCE Economic and Environmental Activities in Vienna from November 14-17, 2023. 

According to a press release, Fourteen law enforcement and supervisory officials from Ukraine underwent the training. The course involved advanced techniques and practical use of investigative tools to identify crypto-related crimes. 

Ralf Ernst, Acting Co-ordinator of OSCE said this is the second such training for Ukrainian officials on cryptocurrency investigations. 

“With the growing use of virtual assets and cryptocurrencies in Ukraine, there is a pressing need to strengthen the capacity of law enforcement and supervisory bodies. This is essential for effective investigations, enhancing Ukraine’s resilience against money laundering and other financial crimes,” he said.

Moreover, the training also focused on advanced tracing of criminal transactions on different blockchains through case studies. Participants familiarise themselves with specialized analytics software, the release added.  

Ukraine has racked up $225 million in cryptocurrency donations since Russia began its full-scale invasion. The OSCE has been conducting a project on innovative policies to mitigate money laundering risks of virtual assets. The training was funded by countries including the US, UK, Germany, Poland and Romania.

In September, the IRS Criminal Investigation offered a similar course on money laundering, fraudulent cryptocurrency transactions and blockchain forensic investigations. Officials from various countries attended the training.

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