Truth Labs Revealed as the Doxxed Goblintown NFT Team

McGoblinburger trucks will be present at NFT.NYC and “goblin sauce” merchandise will be dropped after the event.
Truth Labs Revealed as the Doxxed Goblintown NFT Team

So, while we were wondering why anyone would buy such an ugly NFT of a not-so-real place called Goblintown, the team doxxed themselves. Truth Labs, the creators of Illuminati Collective and The 187, are the team behind the Goblintown NFT project.

The team behind the cc0 project, which takes pride in having “No roadmap. No Discord. No utility,” stated that they have reached a point where not doxxing would be “irresponsible”.

What exactly is Truth Labs?

Truth Labs describes itself as a “collective of creators working in the web3 space.” They went on to say that they are “dedicated to sharing delightful blockchain mischief, exploring creatively, developing rich, fun worlds and experiences, and providing a platform for new voices and visions in this space.”

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The team behind Goblintown revealed in a video that a “McGoblinburger truck” will be present at NFT.NYC. On June 21st, the team will attend the NFT artist FEWOCiOUS’ live painting event in Brooklyn with Truth Labs founder who goes by the alias “process grey”.

There was also mention of plans for merchandise such as “goblin sauce”, produced in partnership with Lee Kum Kee, an Asian company well known for its Chinese and Asian sauces. Truth Labs will drop the Goblin merch after the upcoming NFT.NYC event. 

Truth Labs or Goblintown have also stated that the 1,000 goblins are set aside “because they wanted to” will be given to the team that helped build it.

The IlluminatiDAO will receive 50 goblins, while the team behind it will receive 50. The remaining 900 will be raffled off to holders of existing Truth projects at a rate of five per day for the next six months until all remaining goblin NFTs are distributed.

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