Top Crypto Traders to follow in 2023

Crypto Traders to follow

When venturing into trading and investing, there are some roads that are most traveled since they have been tried and tested and have yielded positive outcomes.

Instead of getting lured to new extravagant methods that leave you empty and in jeopardy, you should first learn from experienced crypto traders. Their knowledge and insights will surely assist you to improve your crypto trading skills.

This year, the crypto market reached a massive summit of trillion dollars, sparking curiosity about what will happen to crypto in 2023.

In this digital age, traders can access real-time market data, charts, and analysis tools. These resources are pivotal when engaging in practices like spread trading, allowing you to make informed decisions and strategically plan your trades. The ability to understand and utilize these tools separates the successful traders from the rest.

“Everyone has access to information, A good trader knows how to analyze it better.”

As a newcomer in the crypto-market, you might be wondering how you should invest in cryptocurrencies. To help you navigate this exciting yet complex landscape, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most prominent crypto traders.

1. Willy Woo

Crypto Trader Willy Woo

Willy Woo is regarded as one of the best mainstream voices in BTC price target and strategy. He is an on-chain analyst with a paid newsletter that helps investors understand crypto markets better. 

He has gained a massive reputation for his outlandish Bitcoin price targets. He is at the top of our list of crypto traders to watch in 2023 for the same reason.

People follow ‘woonomics’ for his inclusion of sound on-chain and technical analysis into his investment strategies.

Willy Woo also has his own website ‘Woobull’, where he provides his investment strategy for Bitcoin to his premium subscribers. He also shares his analysis on Twitter where he is followed by over a million users.

2. CryptoCred


The very next on our list of crypto traders to follow is CryptoCred. He is a technical trader and independent cryptocurrency educator who shares all of his content, including daily market analysis and trading tips, for free on several platforms, including Twitter and Telegram.

His technical analysis course consists of 18 lessons and several study guides that he constantly expands.

CryptoCred also has a YouTube channel called Technical Roundup, where he shares market updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

3. DonAlt

Crypto Trader DonAlt

DonAlt is a co-host on the YouTube channel Technical Roundup with CryptoCred. And that is the reason why we are talking about him in the list of crypto traders to follow right after CryptoCred.

“Technical Roundup” is an information only website and none of the content should be construed as an invitation to trade in or invest in financial instruments or securities (including cryptocurrencies) of any kind. Although it is a great material to start learning trading.

He also gives market commentary and technical analysis on twitter for free.

4. Pentoshi

Crypto Trader Pentoshi

Pentoshi is in our list of crypto traders to follow for his spot on price predictions. Early in 2021, Pentoshi predicted that the Bitcoin top would be around $64,000.

He is a famous crypto trader active only on Twitter. He frequently shares charts with his 600K+ followers. Pentoshi is inactive on telegram and youtube so be wary of scammers.

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5. Raoul Pal

Crypto Trader Raoul Pal

Raoul Pal has his very own crypto channel where he talks about the market. His content is centric to the long haul of crypto. All of his analyses on crypto are for the horizon of 10 years. Pal is not a Bitcoin maximalist. His interest has been piqued by Ethereum and the decentralized finance sector.

Raoul Pal has around 1 million followers, to whom he shares his crypto analysis and urges everyone to go long on bitcoin for a long time. For short term crypto traders he is not of much help.

6. Kaleo

Crypto Trader Kaleo

Kaleo or “καλέω: to call”, is none other than co-founder of NFT project, LedgerART. His trading analysis is not secluded to the cryptocurrencies, he also shares charts for stock market analysis. 

We have added him to the list for his easy to understand twitter threads on market analysis. They are freely available, and helped him gain a massive reputation in the crypto community and 500k+ followers.

7. Peter Brandt

Crypto Trader Peter Brandt

Peter Brandt is a veteran financial analyst and renowned trader who is currently the CEO of a global trading firm, ‘Factor’. Brandt has around 700k followers on Twitter and is widely considered to be one of the foremost experts on applying classical charting practices to futures and forex market trading. What impacts forex market times? Different global exchanges open throughout the trading day and these sessions often overlap.

He has been a trader since the early beginning of Futures trading on the CME. He watched financial markets evolve until the rise of crypto as a new asset class. Brandt regularly offers bitcoin price predictions to his Twitter followers. He also tweets advice and examples of his own trades.

8. Brian Jung

Crypto Trader & Youtuber Brian Jung

We talked about him in our list of Youtubers to follow. Then why leave him out of the crypto trader’s list because, at core, he gives trading insights.

Brian Jung’s videos cover the most recent market analysis, forecasts, and in-depth analysis of altcoins, regulations, the crypto recession, and multiple other topics.

He has over 1.2 million YouTube subscribers and has been hailed as a wise voice for millennials looking to invest in cryptocurrency.

9. Rekt Capital

Crypto Trader & Analyst Rekt Capital

Let’s not forget Rekt Capital, a crypto trader/analyst. His twitter thread gives complete technical analysis on cryptocurrencies for free. These threads provide easy to understand charts and their simple explanation helps us to follow price movements.

Rekt Capital also writes Crypto newsletters on Subststack, which provides macro research on crypto market every monday, market commentary on wednesdays and technical analysis on cryptocurrencies on fridays.

Rekt Capital is active on a lot of platforms with 300K+ followers on twitter, 45K subscribers on youtube and thousands of paid subscribers on substack.

10. Lark Davis

Crypto Trader Lark Davis

Let’s end this list of crypto traders to follow in 2023 with none other than Lark Davis. He is a crypto investor with a mission to educate on wealth creation. He has his very own website ‘Wealth Mastery’ for it.

Though his website is for premium customers, his non financial advice tweets are free for all. His YouTube channel has free videos to learn crypto trading. With 450k+ subscribers on youtube and 1M followers on twitter, he is well recognised in the crypto community.

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