Top Crypto Reddit Communities for 2023

Crypto Reddit Communities

Reddit is the internet’s largest forum and message board, and it has evolved from a go-to online forum to an information sharing and investment advice platform. Reddit’s decentralized nature makes it ideal for cryptocurrency discussion. Crypto reddit communities are helping worldwide users to understand crypto better.

Conversations on Reddit subs are a good source of information – and provide indications as to which cryptos may be the next to explode. With the growing trend, more and more crypto reddit communities are forming up. 

In this article we have listed out some of the largest Crypto Reddit communities for you to be a member in 2023.

Crypto Reddits for Trading: 

Crypto reddit subs are the best place for traders to discuss. In this sub reddits you will find information on every cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Ethereum, altcoins, their demand and prices volume, technical analysis including indicators such as oscillator, RSI, stochastic as well as their trend, sentiment, strategy, and fundamentals.

1. r/WallStreetBetsCrypto

WallStreetBetsCrypto Reddit Community

Let’s start our list with Wallstreetbets crypto. Seems familiar….isn’t it?! 

Yes it is the part of the same reddit community that performed a miracle with the Gamestop short squeeze. 

Wallstreetbets crypto is a subreddit of r/wallstreetbets that focus on trades related to cryptocurrency. Wallstreetbets has around 13M members and from that 50K members in its crypto subreddit, it is one of the most popular communities on reddit.

2. r/ethtrader

Ethereum Investment Reddit Community

Next on the list is The Ethereum investment community aka ethtrader community. This community driven reddit sub is a great place to discuss Ethereum investments, trading, miscellaneous market-related subjects and other relevant technology.

Started in 2015 this crypto reddit community has attracted over 2 million members, who daily discuss all the cryptocurrencies and not just ethereum.

3. r/CryptoMoonShots

CryptoMoonShots Reddit Community

CryptoMoonShots is a subreddit for discussion on low market cap cryptocurrencies with a moonshot potential. For every degan this crypto reddit group is one of the best places to gather information. 

With around 1.8 million followers CryptoMoonShots aims to identify potential moonshots at the earliest stage possible.

4. r/CryptoMarkets

CryptoMarkets Reddit Community

Cryptomarkets is the very next on the list for you to be a part off. If you ask why? Because they provide strategy, Technical and fundamental analysis along with insights on market sentiments.

The 1 million members of Cryptomarkets reddit community are always ready to help others to understand the crypto space or to give investment advice for free.

5. r/algotrading:

Algorithmic Trading Reddit Community

Algotrading known as Algorithmic trading is a place for redditors to discuss quantitative trading, statistical methods, econometrics, programming, implementation, automated strategies, and bounce ideas off each other for constructive criticism.

And to know why it’s in the list of crypto reddit communities more than its simple, cause this huge community of 1.5 Million members also posts about crypto.

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Crypto Reddits For News: 

Crypto sub reddits are the best place to get news, here everything that’s happening in the crypto sphere is posted and then discussed. Unlike news websites where you only get the information, crypto reddit communities give you a chance to discuss the news freely.

1. r/CryptoCurrency:

Cryptocurrency News Reddit Community

r/cryptocurrency is one the leading communities with over 5.4 million members. Apart from posting news and great length of crypto related discussions, these groups also organize AMA’s.

The trading subreddit cryptomarkets is also a part of this community’s network. For a newbie in the crypto sphere this reddit group is a blessing.

2. r/Bitcoin:

Bitcoin Reddit Community

r/bitcoin is the go to place for bitcoiners. In this reddit page you will always get news about bitcoin. They also have all the resources related to the bitcoin blockchain.

The 4.5 million strong community members will always be there for you to clear your doubt regarding bitcoin, you just have to ask around. 

3. r/ethereum:

Ethereum Reddit Community

r/ethereum is one of the best places to gather information about everything on ethereum.

This crypto reddit group has strong influence in the crypto market with its network of multiple subreddits r/ethfinance, r/ethstaker, r/ethdev, r/ethtrader, and r/ethereumnoobies. Together this community helps everyone to understand the crypto space, as well as how to move forward in it.

4. r/altcoin:

Altcoin Reddit Community

r/Altcoin is one of Reddit’s original cryptocurrency subreddits, dating back more than 8 years.

This group will post anything related to cryptocurrency. Deep dive into their posts and learn a lot about the crypto industry.

5. r/NFT:

NFT Reddit Community

The r/NFT subreddit is a community for people who are interested in Non-Fungible Tokens. Here you will get to know a lot more than just upcoming NFT drops. You will get to know the views of others on artworks, trending projects, and all the news related to the NFTs. 

Crypto reddit members have proven that it is possible to share and grow with others. Having the support of other members comes in handy, especially during times of change, as we have recently seen. 

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