Top 15 Metaverse Companies to Watch out for !!

Top 15 Metaverse Companies

Metaverse which began as a sensational trend for gaming and entertainment companies has pervaded through other sectors too. Thus, opening up a new avenue for digital possibilities, one of which being a new sector altogether – Metaverse companies.

Metaverse companies haven’t seen popularity overnight but rather have been developed as a strategy to outrace other companies in the Metaverse competition.

A report by Brandessence Market Research has found that the global metaverse market was valued at $209.77 billion in 2021. By 2027, the market is predicted to reach $716.5 billion at a compound annual growth rate of 22.7%. It is only a matter of time that the metaverse market is to witness a lot more!!

Here is a list of 15 big Metaverse companies that have already set a strong precedent in Metaverse for others to follow.

  1. Apple Metaverse

Considered to be one of the top contenders in the list of prospective Metaverse companies, Apple has been the frontrunner in the virtual race. Apple CEO Tim Cook had time and again stated that the company sees a ‘lot of potential’ in the metaverse. 

The Silicon behemoth has already got over 14,000 AR apps in the App Store which will help its growth towards various metaverse developments.

The firm is also in the middle of creating Head-Mounted System (HMD) virtual meetings apps for its metaverse. The applications will integrate physical hand and arm movements to participate and interact in virtual meetings. 

  1. Microsoft Metaverse

Microsoft recently purchased Activision Blizzard, to gamble big on its play-to-earn projects and march on its Metaverse path. The tech giant updated AltspaceVR to turn Metaverse Technology into a much safer choice for its users and players. 

Moreover, Microsoft is building future versions of Azure, Windows, Office365, and LinkedIn that will be dependent on AR and VR technologies. The metaverse firm’s Azure Digital Twins is meant to permit users to model physical objects and business operations and run simulations on them.

  1. Google Metaverse

When it comes to Google, it is clearly on the path of creating a ground-breaking future technology for an ‘immersive, interactive’ computing experience. Google had already introduced the first ever AR glasses to set a ‘rosy’ tone for virtual reality.

Along with other metaverse companies, Google, too, is sifting through the probabilities of mapping the Metaverse and executing products like YouTube into virtual worlds. With its ‘Project Iris’, Google is also creating its own operating system for metaverse headsets.

Although Google’s pursuit of Metaverse isn’t too outlined nor too pronounced, every now then its baby-steps in the direction makes its metaverse intentions quite evident!

  1. Amazon Metaverse

The E-commerce giant is slowly getting closer to metamorphosing into a Metaverse firm thanks to its AR shopping tool that lets customers visualize furniture in their rooms before buying it. 

Facebook uses Amazon’s Cloud Technology and other suite of functions to augment its existing local infrastructure. 

Amazon Cloud Technology’s computing, database, storage and security services are all shaped up to provide better privacy in the cloud. Thus, acting as an instrument for protection, reliability, and scalability. With so much to offer already, Amazon joins other metaverse companies to bring in new hopes for crypto nerds. 

  1. Meta Metaverse (Facebook Metaverse)

None of the metaverse companies come closer to ‘Meta Metaverse’, when it comes to being the top contender in the ‘Meta-race’. And how do we state this with so much conviction? Well, partially due to its ‘strategic-name-changing-tactic’ from being called Facebook to Meta which left no room for doubts w.r.t. to the tech company’s ambitions.

The firm recently announced ‘Meta account’, a new type of login to give its users a direct entry into its Metaverse after it rebranded its wallet as MetaPay. With something or the other coming up within Meta, do you ‘subscribe’ to our convincing stances!?

  1. NVIDIA Metaverse

The computer chip making firm NVIDIA is setting the foundation for many other Metaverse companies. How? Well, the company created its Omniverse platform to interlink the 3D worlds into a collaborative virtual universe. Omniverse will build simulations of real-world buildings & factories, and several metaverses will be developed using this game changing tech.

Furthermore, the platform will accelerate real-time interactions, streaming services and also sharing of workstations and servers. The Omniverse avatars will be made interactive using AI speech, computer vision and natural language processing.

  1. Louis Vuitton Metaverse

The luxury clothing line jumping on the bandwagon of turning into Metaverse companies, is Louis Vuitton. The French firm ramped up its Meta-stance with the release of profile pictures (PFP) NFT rewards in its stand-alone mobile application game ‘Louis: The Game’. CEO Bernard Arnault also disclosed that his business empire was considering expanding into the digital “metaverse”.

  1. Nike Metaverse

Catching up with the vogue of other Metaverse companies is the athleisure apparel company, Nike!

Nike has already expanded its footprint from the real world and has entered into the metaverse with the acquisition of the digital sneaker design studio RTFKT.

Nike also launched its virtual store within the Roblox Metaverse called Nikeland, which has attracted over 7 million people from over 200 countries. Nike is also selling its branded virtual sneakers for over $100,000 and also trademarked the word “CryptoKicks”. 

It seems like indeed there’s no stopping !!

  1. Qualcomm 

Qualcomm opened up on its aspiration to join other Metaverse companies with the launch of its ‘Snapdragon Metaverse Fund’.

The firm is keen on investing $100M in other institutions for developing immersive XR experiences, core augmented reality (AR), and related artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to accelerate the pace of its Metaverse ambitions. 

XR experiences will further be used to drive sectors like education, gaming, health and wellness, media, entertainment, and enterprise. Thus, giving a new outlook to users on Metaverse!!

  1. Gucci Metaverse

Oddly enough, the luxury fashion house, Gucci is one big fish in the ‘Metaver-sea’ to watch out for!

We just made our list of Metaverse companies a little diverse, with this addition(we know it). The fashion house started its journey with the launch of its virtual store in collaboration with Roblox. 

In February, Gucci bought virtual land in The Sandbox to create its own metaverse platform featuring Gen Z-focused platform Gucci Vault. It also opened a ‘Gucci Garden’, an exhibition on Roblox, on May 17th, 2021. 

  1. Autodesk Metaverse

Autodesk is one of the Metaverse companies in the making. The firm is a top provider of 3D design, engineering, and entertainment software and services throughout the globe.

However, the firm went down the ‘Metaverse-venture-road’ with products like digital augmented, and extended reality focussed platforms like Civil 3D, Fusion 360, Maya, and 3Ds Max, among others. All these products are used for creating digital twins of real-world elements. The products also run simulations on physical world entities to gauge consumer trends and optimize businesses. 

  1. Roblox Metaverse 

Roblox stands at a prominent position in the list of top metaverse companies to contribute to this sector at a large scale. Thanks to its active 10 million users building on the Roblox Metaverse platform.‍

With its Roblox Studio, a free toolset, Roblox lets developers and creators create, publish, and operate 3D worlds. The company’s Roblox Client allows users to explore 3D digital worlds that are created by other users. Roblox also provides Roblox Education allowing users to learn in a virtual space and optimizes user’s interaction with the interface.

With its Spotify island, Gucci town and Musical gigs and other 24 million events, Roblox literally robs off the best socializing experiences from the ‍physical-world. (see you on the otherside, then !!)

  1. Unity Software Metaverse

Unity Software builds and operates an interactive real-time 3D content platform. Unity Software is channelling its digital vision by creating a Metaverse world where music fans can get along virtually for live music performances irrespective of their location.

The firm is pushing hard to present itself as a go-to platform for metaverse applications. In view of furthering its virtual production, Unity is also considering the creation of photoreal CGI powered by its Unity games engine to fuel virtual production.

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  1. Animoca Brands

The Hong Kong based software firm which is also a leading name in the digital entertainment, blockchain, and decentralized gaming world is certainly an unmissable metaverse company!

With the investment of $1.5B, the firm had also acquired French gaming studio Eden Games to thrust the development of its metaverse. 

The firm proudly has over 150 investments in decentralized ventures for creating the open metaverse, including Axie Infinity, OpenSea, Dapper Labs, Yield Guild Games, Harmony, Alien Worlds, and Star Atlas among others. Animoca is turning into the ultimate go-to investor for metaverse companies.

  1. Matterport Metaverse 

Matterport, a spatial data firm working to digitize the physical world is also one of the most promising Metaverse companies. Matterport has launched Matterport digital twins, a 3D data stage for creating, designing, executing, promoting, and understanding physical infrastructures.

The firm collaborated with Meta Platforms for creating ‘Habitat’, to facilitate better understanding of navigating through the physical world via robots and virtual AI assistants.

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