Top 11 NFT Influencers to Follow in 2022

Top NFT Influencers you should follow in 2022, Including Snoop Dogg, Yam Karkai

It’s all about the NFT mania in 2022! And these NFT influencers are leaving no stone unturned to hype it’s craze. Believe me when I confidently say that these oh-so-evercool NFTs and their popularity is a testament to the technology’s universal appeal.

The NFT influence can be felt across many sectors like branding, fashion, sports, music, movies, etc. 

For instance, when a global soccer star like Neymar Jr. was spotted spending millions on a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT and when legendary director Quentin Tarantino announced the drop of the uncut scenes from the Pulp Fiction movie as NFTs, the world caught a glimpse of NFTs turning mainstream and not just gaining popularity!

To remain on top of the  NFT game , you must consume authentic content from the best of the NFT influencers. Since YouTube and Twitter are the most crypto-friendly platforms, they account for a large portion of interactions between these NFT influencers and their audiences.

Let’s take a look at the top NFT influencers you need to observe to stay on high of the NFT trends in 2022.

1. Snoop Dogg

Who better to start the list of the top NFT influencers with than the Hip Hop icon Snoop Dogg, himself! The icon is now redefining his alter-ego as the man behind the popular NFT-centric Twitter account Cozomo de’ Medici.

Snoop has amassed multiple CryptoPunks and other NFT blue-chip collections like Bored Apes, and Doodles, as well as some interesting art like Chromie Squiggle, Meebits, and Art Blocks.

The rapper boasts of ‘SnoopVerse’ and is planning to drop 10,000 Snoop Avatars NFTs in collaboration with SandBox soon. Snoop recently became the owner of a $7 million artwork of the famous NFT meme “Right-click and Save As Guy” by XCOPY.

Snoop endorses NFT projects such as the World of Women NFT collection, as well as his Decentral Eyes Dogg NFTs, which were conceptualized and created by Coldie with an added audio of Snoop.

The legend is very vocal about his love towards NFTs and his Cozomo de’ Medici account is a testament to that. Because of his large dedicated audience, he is transforming the destiny of many NFT artists and collections.

Snoop has a vast influence on the NFT space by providing advice and guiding other celebrities as they venture into this exciting space of tech. Don’t forget to subscribe to ‘Medici Minutes’ if you guys (just like us) don’t want to miss out on the info he shares about the NFT sphere.

Follow Snoop on Twitter: @SnoopDogg, @CozomoMedici 

2. Yam Karkai

In a space where women’s presence was subtle if not too evident, Yam Karkai came as a boon with her World of Women NFT collection. This love for NFTs turned her into one of the very first women NFT influencers.

Yam Karkai and her partner Raphael Malavieille launched this collection with 10,000 NFTs, and the unique artworks became an instant hit, with top NFT influencers like Gary Vee, Snoop Dogg, Pranksy, and others developing a liking for it.

It was one of the first PFP projects to be ever launched, with Karkai creating the artworks and Malavieille handling the operations.

At the time of writing the floor price for the World of Women collection is 9.4 ETH, implying that the total value of the 10,000 NFTs now is worth over $200 million.

The collection makes a statement with its inclusivity and women empowerment and we hope this paves the way for more iconic and meaningful initiatives like this.

Check out Karkai on @YKarkai

3. Pranksy

One of the most prominent OG NFT influencers and investors, is none other than Pranksy who has been active in this territory ever since 2017.

With one of the largest NFT collections in the entire world, this anonymous personality is very much enthusiastic about using NFTs to address philanthropic issues.

He is a supporter of the Blue Dragon’s Children Foundation, which works to help children living in the streets and rescues victims of human trafficking and slavery.

Pranksy made a profit of approximately 1,573 ETH, or $3.64 million on NFTs, as revealed by the Nansen leaderboard in August 2021. Apparently Pranksy spent $4.3 million on over 9,300 NFTs from 86 different collections and eventually sold 2,350 of them for a total of $7.94 million.

Pranksy is a whale investor who sees the value in BAYC NFTs. Countless people questioned the anonymous individual’s decision , however  it is the same path they, too, intend  to walk on  which attests  his influence on  the community.

Pranksy is the owner and co-founder of the NFTBoxes project, which is a monthly box filled with specially curated NFTs by the owner himself. If you purchase a box and keep it until the end of the month, 10 or so different NFTs are airdropped into your account to replicate a box opening.

Don’t miss out on Pranksy’s tweets: @pranksy

4. Farokh

Farokh Sarmad Tehrani is one of the popular and notable NFT influencers who dived into the NFT scene in 2021 but soon rose to prominence in this sector.

He is the founder of the digital media agency GoodLife, and in 2017 he was amongst Forbes magazine’s ‘Top 15 Instagram influencers’.

Farokh.eth began by hosting multiple celebrities for live NFT drops on Clubhouse, which helped to establish Clubhouse as a hotspot for NFT fanatics and creators.

Now he is one of the most recognized  Bored Ape Yacht Club collectors, who also owns  CryptoPunk and Cool Cats, among other NFTs.

Farokh is the creator of Rug Radio on Twitter Spaces, a fully decentralized Web3 media platform and you will need a membership pass to enter the discussion.

The membership pass is a “living NFT”, and anyone in the space can earn RUG tokens merely by holding it.

He also runs a Discord group ‘House of Farokh’, which has over 25,000 members who see it as a hub for passionate NFT discussion.

Farokh promotes new NFT creators and collections in the space and his Twitter feed is optimistic and insightful.

If you feel like you’re missing out click here: @farokh.eth

5. GMoney

GMoney is yet another influential NFT industry figure and one of the top NFT influencers you need to keep an eye on if you really want to remain updated on the NFT space.

This NFT influencer is trusted for his knowledge and suggestions about the NFT culture. He is assisting various artists, brands, and collectors to establish themselves in the NFT space.

Being one of the first supporters of CryptoPunks, GMoney even oversaw Visa’s significant move to obtain a distinct mohawk Punk. 

GMoney. NFT is well-known in the crypto community for his anonymous persona depicted by one of Larva Labs’ 24 punk apes. He hit headlines for spending $150k on his NFT avatar, CryptoPunk 8219. 

GMoney launched the venture fund Delphi INFINFT by teaming up with Delphi Digital, with the goal of developing a new NFT infrastructure and assisting NFT creators in becoming a fundamental element of the NFT sector.

He is an investor in the $10 million project Alethea.AI that is developing a decentralized protocol to build an ‘Intelligent Metaverse’ inhabited by Interactive and Intelligent NFTs. Recently, Adidas collaborated with GMoney, BAYC and PUNKS Comic to create NFTs and generated over $23 Million from the launch.

Follow Gmoney on Twitter for NFT updates: gmoneyNFT

6. EllioTrades

Crypto Youtuber and top NFT influencer Elliot, dubbed EllioTrades, encourages new NFT players and creators to enter the NFT circle.

EllioTrades runs a YouTube channel devoted to crypto altcoins, and he’s been working in the NFT sector via his firm, SuperFarmDAO. SuperfarmDAO is a cross-chain DeFi protocol that enables users to deploy crypto and NFT farms.

Elliot excels in NFT trading strategy, play-to-earn games, and showing his crypto acumen through his views. The NFT influencer hosts daily live events on his Youtube channel EllioTrades Crypto. 

He has launched ‘The EllioTrades NFT Collection’ located in Ethereum where NFTs can be received as rewards for community participation.

Hit him up on Twitter: @EllioTrades

7. Punk 6529

Here’s another ‘anonymous’ NFT influencer, punk6529, who is well-known for his viral Twitter threads.

punk6529, a loaded NFT collector, consistently shares insightful threads about what he sees in the NFT and Metaverse sphere.

The phrase “loaded NFT collector” perfectly describes punk6529, who owns a plethora of NFTs from projects such as CryptoPunks, the Bored Ape Yacht Club, Rare Pepes, Art Blocks, and Autoglyphs, among others.

Follow Punk 6529 for NFT tidbits: @punk6529

8. Richerd.eth

Richerd successfully proved the meaning of the phrase “Diamond Hands” when he rejected a nearly $10 million offer on his iconic CryptoPunk #6046. All smart moves for one of the most whimsical and unpredictable NFT influencers. I mean he literally keeps you hooked with everything NFTs.

Richerd Chen, known as richerd.eth in the NFT space, is a smart contract artist, an NFT Degen, and the co-founder of Manifoldxyz, a platform that develops tools and products for the NFT community.

He has earned his spot as one of the go-to NFT influencers and has aided numerous artists in the deployment of custom smart contracts.

When Richerd received an offer of 2,500 ETH ($9.5M) from POAP creator Patricio Worthalter for his punk #6046, he immediately declined the proposal to honor his own identity and personal brand built around the iconic punk.

It would have been the largest-ever on-chain NFT sale in USD if accepted but Richerd explained in a Twitter thread that Punks and apes hold value beyond the NFT itself.

He even went on to say that he won’t even budge for a billion-dollar offer for his ‘mid-tier’ punk and believes “my brand, identity, and what I’m building in the NFT space will be way more valuable in the long run.”

“Punk 6046 cannot be bought,” we can’t deny that it was a cool way to conclude that thread. More props to Richerd’s NFT-centric visions and the excitement he holds for the future in this space.

Don’t miss out on Mr. Diamond Hand tweets: @richerd

9. Artchick

It’s 2022 and all about girl power!!! Women are thriving in every sector and showing what they are capable of when given the opportunity.

So let’s talk about Artchick, a top female NFT influencer, and investor who has emerged to prominence by actively endorsing female NFT creators.

Artchick frequently shares posts about her experiences as a woman in the NFT sector. But was repeatedly attacked by members of the community who claimed she was faking her gender, forcing her to take a break from Twitter.

The girl boss has been an avid enthusiast of the World of Women NFT collection and was one of the key figures in bringing back the Fame Lady Squad project after it was found that it was formed by a group of Russian men posing as women.

Recently, she shared a marketing guide for NFT initiatives via Twitter emphasizing the importance of community participation for every NFT projects’ promotion and success.

Don’t forget to hit that follow button: @artchick

10. Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk, popularly known as Gary Vee, is a digital marketing genius and obviously an NFT influencer who is intrigued by the concept of NFTs just like us.

His journey from being a wine critic to an NFT influencer was not an easy journey as he had to face a lot of mockery for actively promoting NFT.

Gary describes NFTs as a holy grail and rightfully so because Christie’s auctioned off five of Vaynerchuk’s artworks for a whopping $1.2 million. Vaynerchuk has also launched VaynerNFT to expand his endeavors in the NFT space.

Gary debuted his own NFT collection titled “VeeFriends,” which features over 10,255  drawings with rewards including mentorship sessions by Gary himself. 

As a CryptoPunk fanatic, he even influenced celebrity Youtubers Mr.Beast, Logan Paul, etc to grab a few punks vouching that it is ‘the next big thing’.

While juggling through these multiple projects, the media mogul has also staked his funds in several NFT platforms such as Sorare, Candy Digital, and Mythical Games.

He is the owner of over 50 CryptoPunk NFTs which he collected after ‘doing a lot of homework,’ including one punk which cost him 2600 ETH, about $3.7 million.  

Even though he is constantly trying to educate people about NFTs on Twitter, YouTube, and a number of other platforms as he is bullish about this sector. Gary also feels that “an NFT winter” led  by ‘short-term greed and supply and demand issues’ is coming soon.

Hit the follow button on Twitter: @garyvee

11. Mark Cuban

Oh, we are definitely not going to miss out on Mr. Mark Cuban when talking about NFT influencers, as he is neck-deep diving fabulously into the game right now.

Mark Cuban, a business mogul, investor on the American television show Shark Tank, and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, is also a crypto expert and investor.

As his 80% of the investments are in the crypto sector, Cuban backs multiple NFT platforms. The list includes SuperRare, Mintable, OpenSea, and Cryptoslam, with the icing on the cake being him issuing NFTs to the fans who attend Mavericks games, thus, spreading the impact and influence of NFTs to a wider audience.

Cuban is the founder of, a platform to display your digital collectibles, and the investor giant has Stoner Cats, Bored Apes, and Hashmask NFTs in his impressive portfolio.

The billionaire tweets some of his NFT and cryptocurrency-related thoughts to his 8.6 million Twitter followers, and any average NFT influencer would kill for such a large audience.

Check out Cuban on Twitter: @mcuban 

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