TON Blockchain To Set World Record With Live Performance Test

The team will livestream TON Blockchain’s test performance on its website on October 31.
TON Blockchain To Set World Record With Live Performance Test

TON blockchain, also called The Open Network, is all set to attempt to break the world record for the fastest blockchain network on October 31 with a live performance test.

According to the official announcement, TON will livestream its first public performance test on its website. It claims that this fastest blockchain network will break the record for most transactions per second (TPS). 

TON Blockchain is developed by the same team behind Telegram, a popular peer-to-peer messaging application. It has gained significant attraction from users, with it now reaching over 3.5 million addresses.

The event will unleash the technical power of TON Blockchain while demonstrating its  performance capacity as the fastest and most scalable blockchain network to date. 

Over a short span of time, TON has emerged as a leading blockchain network, with it being natively functional for numerous features on Telegram such as account wallets, usernames, and more. 

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