The Wolf Game Developer Reveals Plan to Resume the NFT Game

Metaverse game announced a $10,000 bug bounty program and will go through a 3rd party audit to fix bugs.
The Wolf Game Developer Reveals Plan to Resume the NFT Game

In Brief:

  • The Wolf Game developer revealed plans to resume its metaverse game on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • The company announced a $10,000 bug bounty program to identify bugs 
  • The company want to ensure the security of wolf game NFT and reduce vulnerability  

The first completely Ethereum-based blockchain game, The Wolf Game has received a huge response across the globe after its deployment on Nov 18. Unfortunately, the game faced technical errors after phase-1 and paused minting. 

Now, the company came forward to reveal its future plan to continue the game for worldwide users.

The company announced its plan on Twitter in which the company revealed that they are working with additional developers to fulfill three criteria.

As per the plan, wolf game NFTs’ security and owners’ control over it is the first priority. Also, the company wants to ensure the accuracy of $ Wool’s earnings for Sheep and Wolves and reduce vulnerability in-game.

To avoid cyberattacks and exploitations, The company announced bounty programs for developers to identify bugs and loopholes in code as well as the company will open code for the 3rd Party audits to check errors and make improvements before it goes live.

In the announcement, The company has not revealed when they will continue the game but they have mentioned that once they fix the bug game will be resumed from Phase 1.

After the launch of the game, Wolf Game NFTs have flowed more than 12.2 ETH volumes in a week on the secondary marketplace.

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