The Diabolical Duck Avenger Digital Comic Drops on VeVe

Unveiling “The Diabolical Duck Avenger”: Dive into the Origins of Donald Duck’s Superhero Persona in an Exciting Disney Digital Comic!
The Diabolical Duck Avenger Digital Comic Drops on VeVe

Prepare to embark on a thrilling adventure with “The Diabolical Duck Avenger” as this incredible Disney digital comic arrives in blind box format on Friday, June 9th, at 8 AM PT.

Continuing the impressive digital comic lineup on VeVe, “The Diabolical Duck Avenger” takes us back in time with a historical comic from Disney. This fully readable masterpiece showcases five cover rarities, adding to the excitement of this remarkable release.

This June VeVe celebrates Donald Duck’s anniversary with a special comic story that unveils the first appearance of his superhero alter ego! Originally written in 1969 by Elisa Penna and Guido Martina and beautifully illustrated by Giovan Battista Carpi, “The Diabolical Duck Avenger” delves into the origin story of the Duck Avenger. 

The incredible cover variants are Main Cover, Avenger Cover, Italian Cover, Diabolical Cover, Moon Cover.

Don’t miss out on this global opportunity to own a piece of Disney magic. With various rarity levels, including Common, Uncommon, Rare, Ultra Rare, and Secret Rare, this digital comic collection is sure to excite fans worldwide. VeVe will withhold a total of 375 editions across all rarities for licensor, promotional, team, and comp distribution. Please note that the Store imposes a maximum blind box purchase limit of twenty (20).

Remember, during high traffic periods like a drop, the rarity of the digital comic will only be revealed after delivery to your collection, which may take 30–120 minutes. Stay patient and let the excitement build!

Additionally, for Disney sales in the secondary market, a 6% licensor fee will be applied, in addition to the existing VeVe 2.5% secondary market fee.

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