Tether Appoints CTO Paolo Ardoino as New CEO

Paolo Ardoino takes the reins at Tether, with Jean-Louis van der Velde’s strategic guidance.
Tether Appoints CTO Paolo Ardoino as New CEO

The leading stablecoin, Tether, is welcoming Paolo Ardoino as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), starting in December 2023. 

Ardoino replace JL van der Velde, who will retain his position as the CEO of Bitfinex but serve as an advisor to Tether, the company has appointed Paolo Ardoino whose noteworthy input in the cryptocurrency industry cannot be overlooked.

Ardoino started his cryptocurrency journey in 2014 at Bitfinex, where he greatly improved Bitcoin trading capabilities. He joined the Tether team in 2017 as their first CTO playing an instrumental role in the stability of the stablecoin with a current market value of $83 billion.

Not only this, Ardoino is also a co-sponsor for Bitfinex Freedom Manifesto that supports financial inclusion in emerging markets. With Ardoino leading the way, Tether will be innovating and remaking the financial landscapes with technology.

Jean-Louis van der Velde (JL) will continue to provide valuable advisory insights, particularly in managing regulatory relationships. This strategic transition positions Tether as a leader in the crypto industry, poised for growth and innovation.

Jean-Louis van der Velde, said, “I can speak for the entire company when I say that we eagerly anticipate Paolo’s leadership as he guides Tether toward a future where finance knows no bounds.”

With Paolo Ardoino’s upcoming appointment as the next CEO of Tether, expectations are high that it will be an era of innovation and growth for the cryptocurrency sector, thus consolidating their place as a market leader in stable coins.

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