T-series Entering into Metaverse with Hungama’s Web 3 Initiative

The 20-years long collaboration will work on the development of metaverse with advanced infrastructure.
T-series Entering into Metaverse with Hungama

In Brief:

  • T-series announced a partnership with HEFTY Entertainment to develop a metaverse.
  • HEFTY is the Web 3.0 initiative of the largest South Asian Entertainment company, Hungama.
  • The collaboration will develop a metaverse on the Polygon network.

Asia’s largest music and entertainment company, T-series is entering into metaverse through collaboration with HEFTY Entertainment, a web 3 initiative of Hungama Studio. 

Currently, Hungama is holding up 90 million+ monthly active user bases across music, gaming, and video. On the other hand, T-series is the world’s top youtube channel with 395 million subscribers.

T-series is partnering with a HEFTY entertainment company to create and launch the NFT collection with the help of the Polygon network. Polygon is the layer-2 scaling provider on the Ethereum blockchain. 

The partnership will last for a 20-years long span to enrich metaverse with advancement and enhancement on the large scale. The partnership aligns with Hungama’s aim to explore and develop innovative ways to entertain and engage audiences across the world. 

The collaboration will come with thrilling experiences such as NFTs, rare collectibles ‘money can’t buy experiences’ and unlocking special moments from T-Series’.

Speaking about the partnership Siddhartha Roy, CEO- Hungama said “Hungama is looking forward to offer immersive experiences in the Web 3.0 metaverse to its large communities nurtured over time, across 40+ Countries, with over 150+ global distribution partnerships.”

Sharing his thoughts about the association, Bhushan Kumar, Chairman & Managing Director – T-Series commented, “We’re delighted to extend our alliance with Hungama, spanning two decades, and enable our community with access to the Metaverse.”

President of T-series, Neeraj Kalyan has also shared his view on the partnership, quoted “T-Series and Hungama’s partnership is built on mutual trust and we will continue to consolidate into more meaningful avenues, akin to our foray in the NFT space.”

Metaverse is the concept of the 3D virtual world with different elements such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and non-fungible tokens. The metaverse trend is becoming popular among Indians because of its thrilling and exciting experience. A few days ago, an Indian Couple announced their marriage reception on the metaverse platform on Feb 6, where guests will be able to interact with each other as well as send gifts to the couple.

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