Stripe to Hire Engineers and Designers to Build New Crypto Team

Stripe is hiring engineers and designers for its new crypto team, a step towards building the future of Web3 payments.
Stripe to Hire Engineers and Designers to Build New Crypto Team

In Brief:

  • Stripe is hiring engineers and designers to build new crypto team
  • Head of Stripe Guillaume Poncin will lead the team
  • The aim is to design fundamental elements to help stripe in its future crypto strategy

Stripe, the payments giant, is hiring engineers to build a new crypto team. Guillaume Poncin, Stripe’s head of crypto engineering, announced the hiring on Twitter. The company intends to onboard crypto engineers and designers team, as mentioned in their Linkedin posts and job listings.

The purpose is to design core elements that can help Stripe in its future crypto strategy.

Stripe has considerably progressed in its domain, it has 4000 employees at present. The hiring escalated with the surge in crypto transactions across online retailers and social media platforms. Stripe, the crypto start-up responsible for twitter’s new bitcoin tipping feature, is to launch its payments API in a bid for global crypto adoption. 

The company was in the news back in 2014 when it supported bitcoin, but soon put an end to the service after 4 years in 2018. Though the company has been actively speculating crypto-assets space to participate again. Stripe showcased its interest in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and it supports a range of traditional payment options as well. 

Stripe is a private company that has been offering various payment products and supports over 135 currencies and payment methods. The majority of the U.S. adults involved in businesses use Stripe. The decision to assemble its crypto team can further fasten its grip on Web3 payments to attract more users.

Many eCommerce industries as well as Tech firms have jumped in the race to adopt crypto assets. Recently, Amazon has announced its hiring “experienced product leader” to develop a blockchain strategy.

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