Strangeloop Studios Launches Falling Ape-Art NFT Collection

Strangeloop’s NFT collection comprises four tracks with prices ranging from 8 APE to 13 APE.
Strangeloop Studios Launches Falling Ape-Art NFT Collection

The L.A. based media production company Strangeloop Studios launches Falling Ape-Art NFT collection exclusively for APE token holders.

“No apes were harmed in the making of this NFT,” Strangeloop studios noted.

The Falling Ape-Art NFT collection was created in collaboration with a machine learning system trained on the BAYC and MAYC collections. While the Strangeloop team processed and altered the outputs, the process’ basis was not under human control.

The collection comprises four artworks and the music in the background is composed in-house at Strangeloop.

The first NFT in the collection ‘Signal A’ is priced at 13 APE. There are a total of 100 pieces available of Signal A.

The next one is ‘Signal B’ NFT also priced for 13 APE. With a total 100 of them put up for sale, 13 of them are already sold at the time of writing.

The third NFT in the Falling Ape-Art collection is ‘FLUX A’ priced at 8 APE. A total of 300 of them are available for purchase. 

The fourth and last one in the NFT collection is ‘FLUX B’ with 300 of them available for sale. It is also priced at 8 APE.

Strangeloop Studios’ NFT collection is not sold out yet. The sale is supposed to end in 1 day 11 hours, at the time of posting. The set is also available on the OpenSea platform.

Previously Snoop Dogg released an All Ape mixtape comprising 4 tracks with all the songs getting sold out in a moment. Then Snoop went to drop a mixtape in collaboration with hip-hop star Wiz Khalifa that too only for the APE token holders. The collection had eight tracks with prices ranging from 12 APE to 15 APE.

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