Stacks Unveils sBTC Developer Release For Bitcoin Smart Contracts

The developer release of sBTC will enable Bitcoin developers to build and test applications in a localized devnet.
Stacks Unveils sBTC Developer Release For BTC Smart Contracts

Bitcoin layer 2 network, Stacks has launched sBTC Developer Release which will allow developers to build and test their application in a local environment.

The sBTC Developer Release contains a devnet version of sBTC network that developers can install and run locally. The release is a major milestone for sBTC that will enable smart contract functionality on Bitcoin. 

Stacks Foundation, the developer enmity behind the Stacks L2 network, said that sBTC will be introduced in forthcoming upgrades to make Bitcoin a fully programmable asset. 

According to the blogpost, the sBTC will only be accessible to developers who were selected for the testnet program and attendees of EasyA Hackathon, to-be organized on October 21. It has also said that more resources and toolings will be released gradually which helps developers to build and test their Bitcoin applications.

A recent wave of developments is making Bitcoin more than just a peer-to-peer payment currency that it has been defined throughout years. Innovations such as Ordinals and Lightning Network have put Bitcoin at the forefront of DeFi developments alongside Ethereum and other second generation chains.

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